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This Week In Isles: Shire Business Meeting 9/4/2018

SCA Isles Business Meeting 9/4/2018 Officers: 3 Persons total: 9   Officer Reports: Exchequer: Not present, FYI Still have $28 for Blob repair, in progress Rapier Marshal: Rapier practice dark for summer, youth rapier in development. GWW melee planning in progress. Chatelaine: UCSB Fun and Fitness Festival Sept 26th 1-4PM. Please volunteer! Contact Mora or Todde […]

SCA Isles Business Meeting 8/14/2018

SCA Isles Business Meeting 8/14/2018 Officers: 3 Isles persons total: 7   Officer Reports: Exchequer: no new income and no expenses Still have $28 allocated for Blob repair Exchequer not at next meeting, contact if need check request. Isles approves $250 for construction of three archery butts/stands. To be stored in Hette’s garage as part […]

This Week In Isles TWII July 10 2018

Isles Business Meeting 7/10/2018 6:30 at the Mrowse Populace present: Officers: 2, Total: 10 Thanks to all that assisted in the Isles Display at 40 Year! A special thanks to Sile, Lian, Gwen, Mora, Todde, Thorbjorn, and all those that helped make this happen. A special thanks to our beloved Ex-Islesians for sharing information, pictures and items […]

5-April-2016 – With Meeting Notes

4/5/2016   This week in Isles: 8 attendees Officer Reports: Exchequer- Books to be reviewed by Deputy Exchequer Society wants to have us advertise savings due to being a member  of SCA instead of non member fee Webmaster: has nothing to report Chatelaine: Has been talking to French Festival (unfortunately is during coronation) Working on […]

1-February-2016 – with Shire Meeting Notes

The TWII has strange ideas about a lot of things. Officer reports: Exchequer: We have lots of $$, bring receipts from Bardic Collegium to Lodovico. Final tally profit: $714.15 isles anniversary. Chatelain: Paperwork imminent for deputy. Microdemo – 3 interested parties. Farmers market as a venue. Maybe we should try to get the singing group […]