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5-April-2016 – With Meeting Notes

4/5/2016   This week in Isles: 8 attendees Officer Reports: Exchequer- Books to be reviewed by Deputy Exchequer Society wants to have us advertise savings due to being a member  of SCA instead of non member fee Webmaster: has nothing to report Chatelaine: Has been talking to French Festival (unfortunately is during coronation) Working on […]

1-February-2016 – with Shire Meeting Notes

The TWII has strange ideas about a lot of things. Officer reports: Exchequer: We have lots of $$, bring receipts from Bardic Collegium to Lodovico. Final tally profit: $714.15 isles anniversary. Chatelain: Paperwork imminent for deputy. Microdemo – 3 interested parties. Farmers market as a venue. Maybe we should try to get the singing group […]

August 2013

Upcoming Events: – Thu Aug 8: Recorder Music A&S Class (7:30pm at Jane’s house)  – Fri Aug 9: Isles Town Hall and Revel (7pm at Todde & Mora’s house) – Sat Aug 10: Darach Anniversary ( ) – Thu Aug 15: Dance Class/Practice (7:30pm in the Theatre & Dance Courtyard at UCSB) – Sat […]

July 2013

As collected by the eminently talented Gwen Hir Congratulations to Lodovico who became a Yeoman archer and Delphine who became a Novice archer this weekend at Caid Archery Open! Upcoming Events:  – Thu 7/11: Chaperon Hat Making Class at Jane & Angelo’s house – Sat 7/13: Lyondemere Anniversary – Sat 7/20: CP Prize Tournament (here in Isles!) – Sat […]

June 2013

Behold the minutes from this month’s Shire Business Meeting! As your Avant Courier’s morning coffee hasn’t kicked in yet, the June edition of the TWII is decidedly lacking in snark. Moving on . . . Upcoming Special Events: Carreg Wen Anniversary – June 8th – Paul and Gwen are attending and may have room in […]