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Author Archives: Moirin (Chronicler)

February 2012

Exchequer: We have monies!! Filthy Dirty: We made a small profit. It was fun! Yay!! Todde suggested that in the future when running a low cost event, like this filthy dirty turned out to be, we should consider not charging a site fee. This would mean not worrying about a cash box or NMS and […]

January 2012

Exchequer: We still have monies!!! Chatelaine: OSL says we can have a fighting demo in the Arbor. OSL wants us to have a fire marshal and police officer present. Angelo suggested that we try and get a TV or something to have a video presentation so we can attract passersby when the fighters are tired […]

December 2011

The business meeting begins with only Lodovico, Delphine, and Moirin present. We are the 1%. Exchequer: We broke even for Isles Anniversary!! Please submit your receipts to Delphine. A&S:  No A&S this month. Senseschal: Isles Holiday party email has had no response, so apparently there is no interest.  Does anyone want an Isles holiday potluck? Chatelaine: […]

November 2011

Isles Anniversay: Volunteer!!! (or you may be voluntold.) Please contact Delphine about what positions are still needed. To quote our beloved autocrat Delphine, “for the love of God, volunteer!” Arts and Sciences 11/10 – Dancing at the CCS room 136 11/17 – Isles Anniversary Prep 11/24 – Thanksgiving Exchequer  We still have money!! Delphine is almost […]

October 2011

Arts and Scinces: Still taking applications for a new A&S officer. 10/20/11 – Introduction to SCA garb by Jane. Location CCS Art Room (r00m 136) – A great way to learn about different styles of garb in the SCA. People are encouraged to bring sample pieces should they desire. 10/27/11 – Calligraphy! Learn how to […]