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Author Archives: Luna di Fiano

January 2013

Welcome back! Now that we have all cleverly survived the End of the World, I can present you with the highlights of this month’s Business Meeting.   Calendar: A new calendar is up on the Isles website. Take a look as our regular events have changed for 2013. If you notice an event missing, please […]

December 2012

There’s all manner of exciting things afoot in Isles this month! Read on to find out more. Isles Yule: There will be a garbed Yule party at Jane and Angelo’s on December 13th. More information to be coming soon on an Isles mailing list near you! State of the Shire Town Hall: Luna would like to host […]

November 2012

This month’s meeting minutes are brought to you by a lull in work and copious amounts of caffeine. Isles Annivesrary: Isles Anniversary is this Saturday! All the details (including directions, feast menu, and tentative schedule) are up on the Kingdom Calendar . Contact the Autocrat at if you have any interest in volunteering or […]

October 2012

Wars, and Isles Anni, and herbcraft . . . oh my! At this business meeting, a number of folks came to discuss the State of the Shire, including a new member. Read on to learn what we discussed! Seneschal: Great Western War was fun! Yay! At future wars, people should sign up to bring firewood. Yay! […]

September 2012

This month, we had record attendance at the monthly business meeting! Standing room only (this bit of snark brought to you courtesy of your Seneschal)! Join us  at our new time and location next month, and you too can be imbibing and inquiring about the state of our fair Shire. And now down to business […]