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Author Archives: Luna di Fiano

August 2013

Upcoming Events: – Thu Aug 8: Recorder Music A&S Class (7:30pm at Jane’s house)  – Fri Aug 9: Isles Town Hall and Revel (7pm at Todde & Mora’s house) – Sat Aug 10: Darach Anniversary ( ) – Thu Aug 15: Dance Class/Practice (7:30pm in the Theatre & Dance Courtyard at UCSB) – Sat […]

June 2013

Behold the minutes from this month’s Shire Business Meeting! As your Avant Courier’s morning coffee hasn’t kicked in yet, the June edition of the TWII is decidedly lacking in snark. Moving on . . . Upcoming Special Events: Carreg Wen Anniversary – June 8th – Paul and Gwen are attending and may have room in […]

May 2013

Here are the meeting minutes from this month’s Shire Business Meeting. I was unable to attend the meeting, so these are the notes that were diligently taken down by Gwen. Upcoming Special Events: – Thursday, May 23rd at 7pm — A&S Class on Cheesemaking at Paul & Gwen’s house – Thursday, May 23rd thru Monday, […]

April 2013

Ever have one of those days when you wake up and think to yourself, “Did I ever write this month’s TWII?” Well I certainly did, as evidenced by this late post about what happened at April’s Shire Business Meeting. And now, without further delay, here is this month’s TWII! Seneschal: Potrero War is coming up! […]

March 2013

Hello denizens of the Isles! Here’s your quick and dirty review of the March Business Meeting. Critical information from the February Business Meeting are also folded in, because no one took notes at the February meeting. (Whoops.) So let’s get right to it, shall we? Court of Love: Gwen and Paul will be attending and […]