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Author Archives: Enid

TWII, May 2011

Greetings and salutations to the mighty Shire of Isles, It is with fond memories and heavy fingers that I relinquish my position as the Isles Chronicler. Yes, my friends, it’s been a good run, but even the wildest party of today must fade into the gentle hangover of tomorrow.  It’s been a joy, an honor, […]

TWII, April 2011

Hi everyone, I know some folks don’t always read this, but there’s some important information in here. Please give this bad boy a quick read-through, and pay special attention to the Marshal’s notes and the update from the Seneschal’s List at the bottom of the entry. Thanks! Aaaaaaand we’re back! After a long dry spell, […]

July 2010

In the most recent Isles business meeting, the 7 people there decided to throw a pizza party for the Kingdom. Also to take up collections from everyone who wasn’t there and use it to buy PONIES! Ponies for EVERYONE! 7:45ish:     ORDER Chatelaine: No French Festival for us this year. We have a demo […]

June, 2010

What’s that? Up in the sky? It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… a special guest TWII by the lovely and talented Juanica, QUEEN OF ALL SHE SURVEYS! The official Chronicler (ahem, moi) had to stay late at work, shakin’ that money maker. You know how it is. So, after an eleventh-hour plea to the […]

TWII May 2010

Buenos dias, muchachos y muchachas! Having exhausted her (G-rated) Spanish, the Chronicler forged boldly on, through the mire, the white wasteland of the blog box taunting her with its tiny scrollbar. Would she ever escape? she wondered. Would she die here? Alone? Alone in a swath of unstoppable blank cyber-paper? Was cyber-paper period? Would she […]