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This Week In Isles: Shire Business Meeting 9/4/2018

SCA Isles Business Meeting 9/4/2018

Officers: 3

Persons total: 9


Officer Reports:

Exchequer: Not present, FYI Still have $28 for Blob repair, in progress

Rapier Marshal: Rapier practice dark for summer, youth rapier in development. GWW melee planning in progress.

Chatelaine: UCSB Fun and Fitness Festival Sept 26th 1-4PM. Please volunteer! Contact Mora or Todde or Hette for further details on how to participate. A great opportunity to get students interested in the Shire!

Arts and Sciences: We have a victim! I mean volunteer! Please welcome Delphine as our new Arts and sciences officer. Please contact her with any ideas you have for teaching classes or anything that you want to learn.

Other Business:

October Business Meeting moved to week after GWW.

Brewers guild: Next week Sept 11th, Cheese tasting! 7:30 at the Mrowse. Please bring an assortment of your favorite things that you want to eat/drink with the cheese to share. I, Hette, will be hosting cheese tasting and some research regarding the various cheeses that I bring. Still working on a theme for the cheeses but I have many ideas. French, German, Cheddar only, soft cheeses, hard cheeses, my favorites cheeses. You name it, it has been an idea.  Bring your probiotics and your Lactaid pills, we’re gonna have a great time.

Darach Brewers Guild Idea: Assemble at the brew pub. Every other month, invite whole shire. Tasting.

Oct Kraut meeting

Shire of Darach representatives present: Shire of the Isles will be helping Darach with Festival of the Rose during Black Oak Lodge, Feb 8-10th – Italian Theme. So get ready to volunteer as the details are announced.

Idea: Darach suggested that for GWW next year we have a tri-shire encampment. We can call it: Barony of the Isles Encampment….KIDDING!!! But seriously, having a Tri-Shire encampment sounds fantastic to me!

Isles Anniversary Planning: Caidan Olympics at Isles Anniversary, Nov 16-18, Live Oaks Campground

Autocrat: Todde

We decided that we need to make the Isles Archery Champion a real thing. We will need to make regalia. We decided on a tower arm bracer.

RSVP for feast to Todde

Feastocrat: Eleshiva (Theme: Ancient recipes feast Greek/Roman/Mesopotamian/maybe Turkish )

Friday night lights


Royal morning court. Opening ceremony!!! Assuming open flame allowed, there should definitely be a torch.

Activities during the day:

Rapier: Blood of Heroes

Armored Combat: What do the armored fighters want to do in order to win a wreath? Please contact Paul.

Archery: best arrow, daytime clout shoot, Sunday practice. 

Games: Historical Olympic Games (Darach? Kids races, 200m footrace, 400m footrace in armor, Discus or shotput, javelin/spear), Town square/Village games (Carreg Wen?), Lowland games holdovers (Isles: Sheep chucking, etc), Marshal Games, Shopping and raffle. Youth games as part. Each Shire would sponsor some games.

Baronies sponsor Shires to create animosity. Metals tracker

Crown winner with laurels. 

Revel -dancing

Raffle – promissory – need volunteer to start collecting promissories

Sunday morning:


Traditional tournaments for champions (sans Archery/Thrown Weapons which happens Saturday)

Merchants: Yes

Site fee: Member price $25 for weekend,  $15 per day. We brought in $2K. $make $250 on feast, make $300 for raffle.

Arts and sciences: relaxed crafts in the gallery. Art salon – come and Art!

Upcoming Events:

Sept 8 – Angels Anniversary

Sept 15th – Altavia Crown Tournament – Paul is fighting!

Sept 22nd – Caid rapier open – Altavia

Oct 2-8 – GWW Pre-reg pre-reg closed – no Isles camp. 


Los Angeles area tons of historical displays:

  • Reagan – Genghis Kahn
  • California Science Center – through Jan 6th “Tut”
  • Getty center – “Egypt beyond the the Nile”
  • LACMA – woodcuts Renaissance Italy.
  • Getty  – life at Renaissance Court
  • Bowers in OC – historical Armor, etc…

If you’ve read this entire document, I’ll give you a bauble. -Hette