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SCA Isles Business Meeting 8/14/2018

SCA Isles Business Meeting 8/14/2018

Officers: 3

Isles persons total: 7


Officer Reports:

Exchequer: no new income and no expenses

Still have $28 allocated for Blob repair

Exchequer not at next meeting, contact if need check request.

Isles approves $250 for construction of three archery butts/stands. To be stored in Hette’s garage as part of Shire property.

Insurance Rider for Isles Anniversary is $50

Congrats to Lian and The Copper Cauldron Team: Congrats to Cast Iron Chef winners!


Rapier Marshal: Students returning in Fall will begin more practices

Working on getting youth rapier program started, Additional non-related adult necessary. Likely Fall.

Chatelaine:  Club fair at UCSB for the Fall is a great way to get students interested in Shire, volunteers needed


Isles Anniversary Planning:

Caidan Olympics at Isles Anniversary



Friday night lights

Circle of fence?

RSVP for feast


Royal morning court. Opening ceremony!!! Flame

Activities during the day:

Armored combat: blood of heroes?

Archery: best arrow, daytime clout

Thrown Weapons

Games: Historical Olympic Games, Town square games, Lowland games holdovers, Marshal Games (four shires in CAID), Shopping and raffle. Youth games as part

Crown winner with laurels.

Laurel Artistic Games? 

Feast: Eleshiva (Greek feast?), Bard or Isles during feast

Evening Revel


Site fee: Member price $25 for weekend,  $15 per day. We brought in $2K. $make $250 on feast, make $300 for raffle.

Insurance Rider – need $50 from Gwen.

Promissory raffle worked best.

Arts activities: Art salon – come and Art!

Cheering! while arting at the same time!

Fiber play day?

Merchants are a yes!


Traditional tournaments, fighter support minimal.

Breakfast? Yes! Worked well last year. Coffee coffee coffee buzz buzz buzzz


Flyers at great western war!!!

Submit to CP!


Additional Business:

  • Branch Master Brewers guild asks: Do we want to still want to have a branch? Guided tastings instead?
  • Brewers guild next week. We will taste and judge some yummy thingies. 
  • Sept 11th need a tasting volunteer
  • Oct will have Kraut meeting
  • October Shire Business meeting will be moved to week after GWW.

Some Selected Upcoming events: (Please check out SCA CAID Calendar at

  • Camarillo Pirate Tournament – next weekend
  • Sept 8th Angels Anniversary
  • Sept 15th Altavia Crown Tournament – Paul is fighting!
  • Sept 22nd – Caid rapier open
  • Oct 2nd-8th – GWW Pre-reg and land allocation to Aug 31st – no Isles camp. Land allocate.
  • Los Angeles area ton of historical awesomeness going on:
  • Reagan Library: Genghis Kahn,
  • California Science Center: Tut, through Jan 6th “Tut”
  • Getty center: “Egypt beyond the the Nile”
  • LACMA: woodcuts Renaissance Italy
  • Getty: life at Renaissance Court opens Aug 28th
  • Bowers in OC: historical Armor, etc… Opens Sept 2nd