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This Week In Isles TWII July 10 2018

Isles Business Meeting 7/10/2018 6:30 at the Mrowse

  • Populace present: Officers: 2, Total: 10
  • Thanks to all that assisted in the Isles Display at 40 Year! A special thanks to Sile, Lian, Gwen, Mora, Todde, Thorbjorn, and all those that helped make this happen. A special thanks to our beloved Ex-Islesians for sharing information, pictures and items for display. Especially cool was getting to see the Isles Baronial Coronet!
  • We recently donated the unwanted, unsellable Shire property a to non-profit recently, Finally!  yay!   
  • Tri-Shire Partnership: Members of Carreg Wen and Darach were present in a tri-shire desire that we coordinate more activities together.
    • Darach is looking for volunteers for Black Oak Lodge, specifically Saturday and sunday breakfast and Saturday lunch. As the event is going to be combined with Festival of the Rose (FoTR), please also volunteer for FoTR, classes, bardic, etc.
    • Carreg Wen is interested in cooks for King’s Hunt at Live Oak Campgrounds in the spring. Let’s help out our fellow Shires by donating some warm bodies 😉
    • If you are interested in Tri-Shire practices for Rapier and/or heavies, contact one of the Shire officers
  • Isles Rapier Marshal warrent paperwork has been submitted: Congrats to Dona Mora our new Officer!
  • Isles Anniversary has a theme! – “Caidan Olympics” Recruit your favorite baronies to compete for you.  Isles Anniversary is Nov 16-18.
    • Is there a member of the Shire that would like to do feast for Isles Anniversary? If so, please contact Don Todde. If not, we have a potential non-shire volunteer. Speak up now if it’s your heart’s desire.
  • GWW: Oct 2-8th Pre-reg and land allocate by Aug 31st.
    • We do not currently have a GWW Isles Camp. Please speak up if you want to have an Isles camp. Contact myself. If we have a few stragglers that aren’t enough to have an Isles Camp, Carreg Wen will host any Isles orphans, but please contact the campmaster via Facebook so that they know who you are!
  • Brewer’s Guild Meeting 7/17 @ 7:30 at the Mrowse: Sauerkraut Making! Come and let’s lacto-ferment some cabbage and make it delicious!
  • See Upcoming Events: SCA-CAID-org