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This Week In Isles – Meeting Notes 9/6/2016

Isles Montly meeting

People in attenence: 10

Officer reports:

  • Exchequer: We still have money, corporate info – merchant forms (410-D form and hold it for 4 years)
  • Chatelaine:
    • SB Independent postings has gotten some interest in rapier practices
    • Is there a better place for fencing practice? Somewhere lit at night with easily accessible parking, any ideas? Let Todde know
  • Arts and sciences:
    • GWW class schedule posted today
    • Submit class idea by this sunday
    • Brewers meeting moved to 20th
    • Celtic knot work next tuesday at craft night- Gwen teaching
    • Arts competitions -Altavia Anniversary ”Show your allegiance display” “hester spon competition (Almonds), GWW -assortment of competitions
    • Bring garb or armor to craft night for GWW.
  • Campmaster: 19 paid adults, 5 adults preregistered, 2 kids
    • To discuss-need banner and banner pole – Gwen will bring a variety. Bring portable holes
    • Bring blob? – needs car transport
    • Rope fence? – needs portable holes (Lian can take six),
    • Rough layout – post survey or create survey
    • Facebook Sile with things we have forgotten to mention
    • Todde has white rope
    • Firepit – Norm
    • Communal table and water?
    • Potluck saturday night – discuss on Facebook

Apr 29th – We are hosting – CROWN – Scouting out sites, Send ideas to Paul

Isles Anniversary: we will meet in two weeks Sept 20th at 7PM at craft night

  • Equestrian is happening, we need to get waiver
  • Hette to start pre-registration
  • Hette to post to start getting volunteers for feast
  • Hette to find coffeemaker

Prize for reading this far: I just got Volumes 2-4 of the Traditional Bowyer’s Bible in the mail. I skipped to the chapter discussing the oldest extant bows. The oldest extant bows are the Stellmoor Bows found in Northern Germany dated to approximately 10,000 years ago. The fragments were unfortunately destroyed in WWII and thusly the pieces could not be carbon dated. The oldest existing extant bows are the Homegaard bows from Denmark, dated to as old as approximately 8,000 years ago. The oldest are elm and from the island of Zealand. Here’s a fun website that discusses the bow (use google translate, they mean bow when they say arc).