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3 June 2015 — With Shire Meeting Notes

The TWII is not famous.


Upcoming Events and Important Dates:


June Shire Meeting

  • Officer Report (Chatelaine): The Honorable Lord Todde has nothing specific to report, though see the two demo items below.
  • Officer Report (Exchequer): Dona Mora reports that we have money. She and Lady Delphine still need to finalize the quarterly report.
  • Officer Report (Quartermaster): Constanza reports we have about 12 posts with Red Towers on them and about 15-20 other posts we could use to surround the Isles Camp at Great Western War.
  • Officer Report (Webwright): Lord Magnus assures us we still have a website.  All of the upcoming Arts & Sciences activities have been added to the calendar.
  • Officer Report (Arts & Sciences): Lady Gwen reported that since our last meeting there has been Collegium Caidis and a trip to the Getty Villa and Center. Coming up on Saturday, June 20th, Master Martin FitzJames will be teaching a pewtercasting class; please RSVP soon if you are interested in attending. On Sunday, July 19th, is another of Baroness Rebecca’s flag painting classes. At some point in June or July Sile will be teaching a class on period music, specifically rounds. On Saturday, July 25th, in Monrovia is Scribal Play Day; carpooling with Gwen and Paul is possible. There is interest in war prep make-and-take workshops, probably focusing on warm garb and waxed linen cup covers. (If you are interested in the latter and are making garb out of linen or cotton, save your scraps.) Gwen will try to organize these over the next few months. Finally, the “What should Isles Arts & Sciences be?” brainstorming will be continuing online until June 16th.
  • Officer Report (Campmaster): Gwen says “Potrero, yay!” She is looking someone to take over as Campmaster after Great Western War. If you like to camp at wars, can herd cats, and are able to fill out a little bit of paperwork, talk to Gwen. There are three upcoming wars with pre-registration open: An Tir-West (June 10th pre-reg deadline, talk to Christian de Guerre if you want to camp with Caid), Highland War (August 10th pre-reg deadline), and GWW (pre-reg deadline is August 31st, but please pre-reg right now, even if you are not sending money until later; pay by June 30th to get extra land).
  • Lian presented financial information about the possibility of renting the Goleta Valley Community Center for Festival of the Rose / Collegium.
  • Lord Kelvin, the Darach Seneschal, talked to us about the Demo at Ventura Comic Con: Last year, Darach had a booth inside and fighting outside the building (but inside the gate). They got 75 email address and have gotten three of those people at fighter practices. They got the table for free and six or seven free badges; the rest bought $25/weekend badges. They had 6 or 7 people each day. Darach is planning on going ahead with it again and have extended an invitation to Isles to help out. Kelvin can send future information to both the Darach and Isles lists.
  • Todde shared more information about the Demo at the French Festival. We’re only going to do Saturday, July 18th. (It’s up against Dreiburgen Summer Arts/Festival of the Rose, unfortunately). We’d love to get fighters from Darach and switch back and forth between rapier and armored demos. We’d need to be set up by 11 AM; the event lasts until 7 PM. Sile will talk to the early music group about setting up and playing. We can publish a notice in the Oak Leaf (Darach’s newsletter) so it’ll be official. Todde will send out a call to the Isles and Darach lists to work out logistics. Also, we are inheriting luggable holes from Darach
  • Gwen is coordinating our Largess Presentation at Coronation. We will have woven goods, painted card, vinegars, and mini-crossbows to present to Their Majesties Athanaric and Sigri∂r. We’ll have five or six people there to make the presentation.
  • Lord Paul provided an update on planning for Isles Anniversary. We would like do a camping event at Live Oak, so we are trying to find ways to draw enough attendees to be able to afford it. Todde has been investigating reviving the Practicum of Sword concept that Starkhafn used (with their blessing). Sport of Kings as a “tournament themed” event might be reasonable model. The financial committee okay spending $100 on the administrative fee for a Special Use Application for Live Oak Camp; this does not obligate us to rent the park, but it will give us a solid schedule of fees for us to evaluation. If you have questions, concerns, or ideas, please talk to Paul and Hette.
  • Gwen let us know that four people have already met her Teach-A-Class Challenge: Philip, Delphine, Todde, Hette. For more details on how to qualify, talk to Gwen.
  • Paul updated the leaderboard for Twelve Territory Challenge.


Last Week

On Sunday, Gwen, Paul, Lodovico, Delphine, Ryan, and Layah visited the Getty Villa (to see the Roman Silver exhibit) and the Getty Center (to see the Northern Italian Courts manuscript exhibit).

This Week

Spring Coronation is on Saturday in Wintermist ( The following day is Queen’s Champion (

Further Away & Other Bits

Other Upcoming Events:


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