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13 May 2015 — With Shire Meeting Notes

The TWII is a strange weapon.


Upcoming Events and Important Dates:

  • Wed 13 May: Rapier and Armored Combat Fighter Practices (Unofficial)  (7:30pm; UCSB Theatre & Dance Courtyard)
  • Sat 16 May – Sun 17 May: Collegium Caidis (Lyondemere / Torrence, CA) —
  • Tue 19 May: Isles Craft Night (7:30pm; Todde and Mora’s house) — Brewer’s Guild Meeting at 8 PM
  • Wed 20 May: Rapier and Armored Combat Fighter Practices (Unofficial)  (7:30pm; UCSB Theatre & Dance Courtyard)
  •  Thu 21 May – Mon 25 May: Potrero War (Calafia / Potrero, CA) —


May Shire Meeting

  • Officer Report (Exchequer): Dona Mora reports that we have money. She and Lady Delphine need to sync up after the meeting to finalize the quarterly report.
  • Officer Report (Chatelaine): The Honorable Lord Todde has heard back from the French Festival; see below for details.
  • Officer Report (Quartermaster): Constanza reports that we have stuff.
  • Officer Report (Webwright): Lord Magnus assures us we still have a website.
  • Officer Report (Campmaster): Potrero War is coming; Lord Lodovico will be the Isles campmaster for that. We have requested to be in the same location as last year. Pre-registration must be postmarked by April 19th; it gives us bonus land. Land allocation is open until May 5th, and you can land allocate even without pre-registration. Pre-registration for Great Western War is open; if you pre-reg and pay by June 30th, we get bonus land.
  • Officer Report (Arts & Sciences): Lady Gwen reminded us that since last meeting, we’ve had a cheesemaking class, an Italian Renaissance museum trip, a fermented foods class, and a dancing class. Collegium Caidis is this weekend – with more than 100 classes – and in celebration of its 35th anniversary, it’s free. Lady Sile will be teaching a class on rounds soon. Flag painting workshop will be on July 19th; Gwen is coordinating. Scribe curious? Scribal Play Day is July 25th in Monrovia. Gwen is working with Master Martin to come to Isles to teach a pewter casting class in July or August. As always, if you want more Arts & Sciences, talk to Gwen. In March we did a brainstorming exercise on “What do you want Arts & Sciences in the Shire to be?” She will continue that exercise and put something up online. In a few weeks, she’ll be back with phase 2.
  • Officer Report (Campmaster): Lord Lodovico reminds us that Potrero is coming up in week and half. Regulations you need to know about include: No alcohol over 20% ABV; all fires need to be off the ground and need to be out by 11 PM; and there no pouring water on the ground. Isles Camp is 4650 square feet at location P-10 on the map.
  • Demo at French Festival: We are tentatively on for a demo at the French Festival, July 18th-19th. Todde’s sense is that doing a big demo one day will be more successful than stretching across two. It’s important to have a lot a fighters to rotate through; it gets pretty exhausting with only four people. Saturday is probably our best bet. We will likely need help from Darach if we want to do heavies. We will need to publish it in a newsletter (either the Crown Prints or perhaps the Darach newsletter) and have marshals in order to get the SCA insurance coverage. We’ve requested a 60×40 space; what we have done in the past (an eric with a double rope + a table + a popup) would fit in there.
  • GWW pre-registration is open. Fill out the info now; if you pay before the end of June,  you get extra land. Are there any camp improvement projects you’re interested in prior to GWW? (If so, you’re probably volunteering to spearhead it.) It would be nice to have camp boundary markers (ropes, walls, etc.) to keep people from wandering through. Before next month, Constanza will take a look at what we might already have that might work. We might also consider having a working camp kitchen to make it easier for people to clean up after themselves.
  • The Shire has some new guilds. The Brewer’s Guild has been meeting monthly for the last six months, with about 8 people each time. We trying to host the Kingdom Brewer’s Guild meeting in either the 3rd or 4th quarter. Meanwhile, Sile has talked to Catherine Ainsdale of Lancashire about doing a joint Cooking Guild with Darach. They’ll start figuring things out after Coronation. In Dancing Guild news, we had five people at a dance practice on Sunday. Delphine is leaning toward trying to organize something at Carreg Wen Anniversary or some other time in June. Finally, while not a Shire Guild, Sile has started up an early music group that is will be meeting twice a month at at her house; SCA people are welcome to join in.
  • Ventura Comic-Con is coming August 28-30. Darach is in favor of having us help out. Todde’s suggestion is that we pick one day (probably Saturday).
  • The Nottingham Festival will be the first two weekends in November in Simi Valley. Are we interested in doing something there?
  • Gwen will be coordinating a pair of museum trips at Roman Silver at the Getty Villa and Italian Renaissance manuscripts at Getty Villa on May 31st
  • The Huntington Library has an exhibit on the Magna Carta from June through October. We may try to organize a trip for that.
  • Gwen is coordinating largess for Coronation on June 6th.Their Highnesses’ Largesse coordinators indicated they are particularly interested in children’s items (youth combat and more). If we decide what we want to do, we can make happen at a Craft Night. Hetta suggests building mini-crossbows and will be bring them to do on the 26th. If you have other ideas for largesse, talk to Gwen.
  • Our weekly (unofficial) fighter practice is moving to 7:30. Todde may be interested in teaching cut-and-thrust every other week.


Last Week

 Many  people in the Shire were sick (thus no Shire meeting), but Delphine, Gwen, and Paul attended Altavia Anniversary.

This Week

The aforementioned Collegium Caidis, with its more than 100 classes, is this weekend in Lyondemere. It is at a middle school in Torrence, but not the same one it was at last year. More information is at

Further Away & Other Bits

Potrero War is Thursday, May 21st through Monday, May 25th, in Calafia. For more information, see Shire camp is at location P-10.

Spring Coronation is June 6th, in Wintermist ( The following day is Queen’s Champion (

Carreg Wen Anniversary is June 13th. More details at

The Shire has a Facebook Group, for those who are so inclined to discuss things there.

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Your reward for reading all the way to the end is the top ten strange weapons of the Middle Ages.