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8 April 2015 — With Shire Meeting Notes

The TWII has one shot.


Upcoming Events and Important Dates:


March Shire Meeting

  • Officer Report (Exchequer): Dona Mora reports that we have money. Delphine and Mora need to sign some paperwork and we probably need to send NMS to Kingdom.
  • Officer Report (Chatelaine): THL Todde has been trying to get a meaningful answer from French Festival about holding a demo. Also, Delphine and Todde will get Todde warranted.
  • Officer Report (Quartermaster): Constanza is happy that we got new shelves for storage. Yay! She will be asking reimbursement for them. People have been asking about what camping gear the Shire has, so she will be doing an inventory.
  • Officer Report (Campmaster): Potrero War is coming; Lord Lodovico will be the Isles campmaster for that. We have requested to be in the same location as last year. Pre-registration must be postmarked by April 19th; it gives us bonus land. Land allocation is open until May 5th, and you can land allocate even without pre-registration. Pre-registration for Great Western War is open; if you pre-reg and pay by June 30th, we get bonus land.
  • Officer Report (Arts & Sciences): Lady Gwen reports that we had two A&S classes in March: Dona Mora’s comporment class, and THL Rebecca’s flag painting workshop. Upcoming classes include an Intro to Cheesemaking on Thursday, April 9th at 7 PM at Gwen and Paul’s, and Wild Fermented Foods and Beverages on Sunday May 3rd at Lord Philip’s. Based on feedback from those present, she will continue to use the Facebook events and Shire’s Google Calendar, as well as email reminders for to the list, to get word out about classes and events. Coronation is June 6th, the Shire would like to make an awesomely large presentation; talk to Gwen if you want to help. She is also going to re-start the “what does Isles want from Arts & Sciences” survey now that Pentathlon is over. As always if you want to teach or learn anything, talk to Gwen.
  • Guilds: We currently have one, the Brewers’. It sounds like there is interest in a Cooking Guild, perhaps jointly with Darach (with locations alternating monthly). Lady Sile tentatively volunteered to help organize this (with help from Gwen). Two other possible guilds have come up (Music and Dancing) and Gwen wants to know if there is support needed to make them happen. Based on conversations at King’s Hunt, it sound like there is sufficient interest in music to make that happen; Sile and Lord Paul will talk about it. There is also interest in dancing, with a tentative first meeting on May 10th. Delphine will lead; Gwen will talk with Lian about the site.
  • Privy Council: Many things happened. If you have questions, talk to Delphine, Gwen, or Paul.
  • Our Friends in Darach: Based on conversations at Privy Council, Delphine has spoken with the Darach seneschal, who wants to run events with us. Bids for 2016 local events are still open, so we might consider doing a day of revelry if we can determine a good site. Darach is also interested in doing Kingdom-level events jointly as well. Delphine will continue to investigate with them. Comic-Con Demo with Darach will also be moving forward.
  • Isles Anniversary: Paul and Hette are still investigating what we might do. Sage Hill was okay, but clearly not as good as Live Oak, but much cheaper. If you have thoughts about Anniversary, talk to Paul and Hette.
  • Paul’s Crown Challenge: Thank you to all those who completed the challenge; it helped to raise the profile of Isles throughout the kingdom. Prizes will be coming.
  • Gwen’s AS 50 Challenge: Lady Gwen challenges everyone in the Shire to teach a class during AS 50 (May 1, 2015 – April 30, 2016). The only requirements are that the class must be SCA-related, open to anyone in the Shire, and notification must be sent to the Isles A&S Officer at least one week in advance. All those who complete this challenge will receive a prize handmade by Lady Gwen.
  • Paul’s AS 50 Challenge: Lord Paul challenges everyone in the Shire to attend an official event in at least 12 different Shires or Baronies during AS 50. All those who complete this challenge will receive a prize handmade by Lady Paul.
  • Santa Barbara Museum of Art: The Shire will be visiting the SBMA to see the current exhibition of Renaissance paintings on Thursday, April 30th, from 6p-8p. Admission is free, and there will be period music as well. And it’s Hette’s birthday! Modern attire; Lady Gwen is coordinating.
  • Getty Manuscript Exhibit: Tentatively, the Shire will be visiting the Getty to see their manuscript exhibit “Renaissance Splendors of the Northern Italian Courts” on May 31st. Lady Gwen will coordinate and see if folks from Darach are interested in joining us.


Last Week

King’s Hunt was  attended by a substantial percentage of the Shire. Much fun was had by all.


This Week

Starkhafn Anniversary is this weekend. Is anyone going?


Further Away & Other Bits

Dun Or Anniversary is Saturday, April 18th, in Lancaster, CA. There will be a baronial investiture, and the three premieres of the Order of Defense will be sitting vigil. More at

Robin Hood Tourney is Sunday, April 19th, at Woodley Park. Lord Paul is the outgoing Thrown Weapons Champion of the Angels, and he says that a fun throw is planned. More at

Also coming up:


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