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3 February 2015 – With Shire Meeting Notes

The TWII is neither filthy nor dirty.


Upcoming Events:

  • Wed 4 Feb: Rapier and Armored Combat Fighter Practices (Unofficial)  (6:30pm; UCSB Theatre & Dance Courtyard)
  • Sat 10 Jan: Lyondemere Arts & Archery (Van Nuys, CA) —
  • Tue 10 Feb: Isles Craft Night (7:30pm; Todde and Mora’s house) — Brewer’s Guild Meeting at 8 PM
  • Wed 11 Feb: Rapier and Armored Combat Fighter Practices (Unofficial)  (6:30pm; UCSB Theatre & Dance Courtyard)
  • Thu 12 Feb – Mon 16 Feb: Talon Crescent War (Starkhafn / Las Vegas, NV) —
  • Fri 13 Feb – Sun 15 Feb: West Coast Culinary Symposium (Kingdom of the West / Fairfax, CA) —


February Shire Meeting

  • Officer Report (Exchequer): Dona Mora reports that we have money. If you have receipts for FDC, submit them to Mora. The Annual report is late, but being worked on. Mora is having trouble getting on the Exchequer’s list.
  • Officer Report (Chatelaine): The Honorable Lord Todde let us know that Mr. Z at SB Junior High would like a demo, but it’s the Friday of Potrero. We are looking at doing a costumed fighter practice with demo tables on Sunday, March 1, and possibly inviting folks from the neighboring shires.  Possible location is Leadbetter / Shoreline Park.
  • Officer Report (Gold Key/Quartermaster): Constanza still needs to purchase shelves and bins and to arrange a day for organizing them.
  • Officer Report (Webwright): Lord Magnus says things are all good. He is still working on posting a list of Shire champions.
  • Officer Report (Arts & Sciences): Lady Gwen notes that in January we had this thing called Filthy Dirty Collegium. For February, Lord Paul is teaching a flag design class starting about 30 minutes after the end of the shire meeting. On March 22, there is a flag painting workshop that requires pre-registration and pre-payment by the end of this week. (If you haven’t talked to Gwen about attending, you need to right away.) There might be an additional weekday evening class in late February / early March. She’s still figuring out April. As always, if you have ideas for things to take or teach, talk to Gwen.
  • Last weekend’s Filthy Dirty Collegium was a great success. We had record turnout: 45 at gate and at least 23 stayed for the feast. Thanks to everyone who taught (Hette, Magnus, Lian, Todde, and Gwen) and volunteered (Lodovico, Thorbjorn, Mora, Hette, Constanza, Lian, Sile, Magnus, and Paul). Please send any feedback to Lady Eleonora.
  • Lian reports that St. Michael’s Episcopal Church has a space that’s available most Sunday afternoons that could be used for a regular dance practice, and she’s had our name penciled in to reserve it. She suggests it would be nice if we donated $2-3 per person to the church each time we use the space. If you are interested, talk to Lady Delphine.
  • Isles will be hosting Festival of the Rose on January 30th, 2016, in conjunction with next year’s Filthy Dirty Collegium. (We might want to consider rebranding…)  There is an upcoming Festival of the Rose in Angels in February, so it would be good for as many Shire folk to attend to get ideas about what we want to do. If we want to hold it somewhere else than CCS, we might want to start thinking about new locations soon.
  • Isles Anniversary is on November 21st, 2015. Lord Paul will repeat as Event Steward with Lady Hette as his Deputy. (They will switch jobs in 2016.)
  • Todde has emailed Steve at the French Festival about doing a demo there and is waiting to her back.
  • Last year, Darach did a demo at the Ventura Comic-Con Demo. We should consider teaming up with them this year, on August 28-30th. Lian will follow up with Countess Albra about Darach’s plans.
  • Paul’s Crown Challenge closes on March 28th. Six people have qualified so far.


Last Week

You remember Filthy Dirty Collegium, right?


This Week

Lyondemere Arts and Archery is on Sunday at Woodley Park. A sizable percentage of the Shire will be going; please use the list the coordinate carpooling. (At least some of the attendees will partake in the cherished tradition of a family-style meal at Shamshiri after a Woodley Park event.)


Further Away & Other Bits

Talon Crescent War is February 12-16 in Starkhafn (Las Vegas, NV). See more at

Registration for West Coast Culinary Symposium, February 13-15 in the West Kingdom (Fairfax, CA), must be submitted online before February 6th.  See more at

The Festival of the Rose in honor of Her Majesty Eilidh will be hosted by the Barony of the Angels in Monrovia, CA, on Saturday, February 21nd. More information at


The Shire has a Facebook Group, for those who are so inclined to discuss things there.

Interested in unofficial but helpful Isles announcements and a bit of snark? Follow the Red Tower on Twitter: @SingTheRedTower.

Your reward for reading all the way to the end is a slightly skewed perspective on favors.