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3 December 2014 — With Shire Meeting Notes

The TWII is thankful that it continues existing.


Upcoming Events:

  • Wed 3 Dec: Rapier and Armored Combat Fighter Practices (Unofficial)  (6:30pm; UCSB Theatre & Dance Courtyard)
  • Sun 7 Dec: Gyldenholt/Lyondemere Winterfest (Lyondemere / Long Beach, CA) —
  • Tue 9 Dec: Isles Craft Night (7:30pm; Paul and Gwen’s house)
  • Wed 10 Dec: Rapier and Armored Combat Fighter Practices (Unofficial)  (6:30pm; UCSB Theatre & Dance Courtyard)
  • Sat 15 Dec: Angels/Altavia Yule (Altavia / Van Nuys, CA) —

December Shire Meeting

  • Officer Report (Exchequer): Dona Mora just had a baby. Lord Lodovico has taken the Exchequer class, so he is going to take over for her. Reimbursement for Isles Anniversary should still go through Mora.
  • Officer Report (Chronicler): Lord Paul will be handing the office over to Lady Hette in the near future.
  • Officer Report (Webwright): Lord Magnus has a short to-do list; when Filthy Dirty Collegium details are available, those will go up.
  • Officer Report (Gold Key/Quartermaster): Constanza will be organizing a shelf-buying and loaner garb and gear triaging on Tuesday, December 16th (and this time we mean it). Magnus and Lian are also going to take a look at what cooking and serving gear we have and what we might consider buying or renting for the future events.
  • Officer Report (Arts & Sciences): Lady Gwen reports that there were nine entries in the Arts & Sciences contest at Isles Anniversary. Please fill out the flag-making workshop survey by Sunday so she can schedule it. Coming up: Bard of Caid at 12th Night, Pentathlon entries postmarked by January 15th. June Coronation largesse-making can start happening now (maybe Caidan flags?). Craft Night next week will be at Paul and Gwen; there will be opportunities for brewing, talk with Paul. Gwen will be talking to folks about what they want to teach and what they want to learn, both for FDC and Isles A&S classes. Finally, there is a exhibit about Hollywood costuming near LACMA that would make a great field trip; Gwen will try to organize one before Angels/Altavia Yule.
  • Lady Delphine will be sending out a poll very soon about an informal Isles Yule. It will be garbed, on weeknight, and at someone’s house.
  • Filthy Dirty Collegium is coming. We are having trouble getting the site. Lodovico will walk over to CSS tomorrow; Eleanora will do the same at GSA.
  • We are looking at doing at a Demo/Recruitment Event in the summer, perhaps in conjunction with French Festival (July 18-19). They used to talk to us all the time, Annabelle di Amalfi knows more. Training on how to be a chatelaine-at-large between now and then would be good (talking points and consistent messaging is good). Gwen has some resources from a chatelaine in the Midrealm that she’ll send out.
  • Given the amount of interest in the Brewer’s Guild there has been recently, Paul will investigate organizing a local branch (and investigate Captain Fatty’s).
  • Paul’s Challenge is still open. If you are a paid member, have a registered/submitted name and device, and have attended five events since the last Crown Tournament, send him an email to claim your prize. If you haven’t yet qualified, you have until March 28th to do so.
  • Regarding Isles Champions: Hette will investigate regalia for the Bard of the Isles; Paul will follow up with Philip about the Thrown Weapons regalia. Magnus will add a section on present and past champions to the website.
  • Lodovico is following up on the paperwork so that we can be a UCSB Office of Student Life Organization.
  • We still haven’t heard anything from Ian about the archery range.
  • Lian is hosting a group of costumers (the Guild of St. Tabitha) on Wednesdays.

Last Week

Last week the Isles gave thanks.


This Week

Gyldenholt/Lyondemere Winterfest is on Sunday, in Long Beach. Gwen and Paul will be attending. Anyone else?


Further Away & Other Bits

Angels/Altavia Yule is Saturday, December 13th, and usually has a substantial Isles presence. Paul will be stepping down as Bard of the Angels.

Twelfth Night is Saturday, January 3rd, in Riverside, CA. Feast reservations may still be available at More details at

Filthy Dirty Collegium is coming up, on Saturday, January 31st. See more at


The Shire has a Facebook Group, for those who are so inclined to discuss things there.

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Your reward for reading all the way to the end is “extended” illustrations of broadside ballads.