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3 September 2014 — With Shire Meeting Notes

The TWII is always well-dressed.

Upcoming Events:

  • Wed 3 Sep: Rapier and Armored Combat Fighter Practices (Unofficial)  (6:00pm; Girsh Park, near the corner of Phelps and Pacific Oaks)
  • Fri 5 Sep – Sun 7 Sep:  3.5 Baronies Friendship Tourney (Wintermist / Bakersfield, CA) —
  • Tue 9 Sep: Isles Craft Night (7:30pm; Todde and Mora’s house)
  • Wed 10 Sep: Rapier and Armored Combat Fighter Practices (Unofficial)  (6:00pm; Girsh Park, near the corner of Phelps and Pacific Oaks)
  • Sat 13 Sep: Angels Anniversary (La Verne, CA) —

September Shire Meeting

  • Officer Report (Seneschal): Lady Delphine attended Privy Council, which including updates about Facebook Events (they need to be coordinated with the Kingdom Social Media Officer), the new Kingdom Website CMS system (coming sometime in 2015), calendar updates for Crown and Coronation (beginning with Fall Crown 2015), and Their Highnesses request for Court & Guard (if you know anyone who would be good).
  • Officer Report (Exchequer): Dona Mora was absent but assures us we have money.
  • Officer Report (Webwright): Lord Magnus reports nothing new.
  • Officer Report (Chatelaine): The Honorable Lord Todde has taken over from Countess Jane and needs to get warranted.
  • Officer Report (Quartermaster): Constanza reports that more of the Shire’s belongings have returned, now that Jane and Angelo have cleaned out their house in preparation for their move. The loaner garb is going to go with the rest of the stuff in the new storage area; this will require buying another shelf (~$140) to store it. This expense is approved, pending Mora’s ok. Next Tuesday at Craft Night we will go through the rest of the loaner armor to decide that to purge.
  • Officer Report (Arts & Sciences): Lady Gwen reports that last week’s hood-making workshop went well (as demonstrated by the one that Lady Sheilah was wearing).  September and October’s classes will focus on preparing for Anniversary. One of the classes will be on painting silk pennons and will either need to be on a weekend or a two-part class during the week. (Please let Gwen know if you have a preference.) Fall Coronation is November 1st; Gwen will coordinate a presentation of largesse to Their Highnesses after they step up.  Their Highnesses are especially interested in hand made items.
  • Officer Report (Campmaster): Lady Gwen is happy to see that 16 people have pre-registered for the Isles Camp at Great Western War. There will be space in camp for people who have not pre-registered; please let Gwen know if you’re planning on coming. There will be a potluck dinner on Saturday, as well as other shenanigans that are still getting worked out. The preliminary War class list is online. Finally, War runs on volunteers, so please volunteer to help.
  • Officer Report (Chronicler): Lord Paul has filled out an Agreement to Serve; the Kingdom Chronicler is working through the warranting process. The new Shire newsletter will be a resuscitation of the old Uncharted Waters. It will come out monthly and will largely be for recording what happened (only minimally for announcements). Paul’s plan is to get things set up and then hand them off to someone else around next May.
  • Fighter Practice will be moving back to the UCSB Theatre & Dance Courtyard on September 17th. Stretching and socializing with start at 6:30pm; drills and fighting will start at 7pm.
  • Isles Anniversary has a tentative theme of “Pagentry and Populace” and will feature People’s Choice competitions in Rapier, Armored Combat, Arts & Sciences Displays, and Bardic Performance. Paul will be nailing down more of the details in the coming weeks. He needs help; talk to him to see what you can do.
  • Regarding demos and recruiting: Todde will get on Kingdom Chatelaine list to find out about what the demo policy really is. Fairview Gardens has been doing some Urban Homesteading classes (including a turnshoe class), so maybe we should talk with them. Classes are about start at UCSB; Lord Lodovico will look into being part of OSL again this year. Todde will look into establishing contact with the Theatre Department and potentially doing something with them.

Last Week

Highland War was last weekend in Victorville, CA, but it seems like the Shire stayed home.


This Week

3.5 Baronies, hosted by the Shire of Wintermist, is a camping event near Bakersfield, CA, with fighting, archery, and assorted merriment. Is anyone from the Shire going?


Further Away & Other Bits

Angels Anniversary is on Saturday, September 13th, in La Verne, CA. The Shire will be bringing the Blob; please email the list if you are planning on attending so that we can arrange carpools.

Caid Rapier Open is on Saturday, October 4th, in Burbank, CA.

Great Western War is October 8-13 near Taft, CA.

The Shire has a Facebook Group, for those who are so inclined to discuss things there.

Interested in unofficial but helpful Isles announcements and a bit of snark? Follow the Red Tower on Twitter: @SingTheRedTower.

Your reward for reading all the way to the end is the top ten codpieces in art.