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20 August 2014

The TWII did not win Crown.

Upcoming Events:

  • Wed 20 Aug: Rapier and Armored Combat Fighter Practices (Unofficial)  (6:00pm; Girsh Park, near the corner of Phelps and Pacific Oaks)
  • Sat 23 Aug: Summergate Longsword/Greatsword (Canton of Summergate / Oceanside, CA) —
  • Sat 23 Aug: Starkhafn Games and Dance (Boulder City, NV) —
  • Tue 26 Aug: Isles Craft Night (7:30pm; Todde and Mora’s house)
  • Wed 27 Aug: Rapier and Armored Combat Fighter Practices (Unofficial)  (6:00pm; Girsh Park, near the corner of Phelps and Pacific Oaks)
  • Thu 28 Aug – Mon 1 Sep: Highland War (Al-Sahid / Victorville, CA) —

Last Week

Crown Tournament was held on Saturday in the Barony of Altavia to find Heirs for Their Majesties Agrippa and Bridget. Count Mansur ibn al-Sha’bi ibn Rafi’, inspired by Countess Eilidh na Tire Dharigh, carried the day. Nearly a dozen members of the Shire came out and had a wonderful day.


This Week

There are events in Calafia and Starkhafn. Is anyone from the Shire going?


Further Away & Other Bits

Highland War is Labor Day weekend, in Victorville.

Pre-registration for Great Western War (October 8-13 in Wintermist/Taft, CA) is available until August 31st.  Have you pre-registered yet? There is an Isles camp that’s open to all residents and friends of Isles.

Upcoming Events near Isles or otherwise of interest:


The Shire has a Facebook Group, for those who are so inclined to discuss things there.

Interested in unofficial but helpful Isles announcements and a bit of snark? Follow the Red Tower on Twitter: @SingTheRedTower.

Your reward for reading all the way to the end is an unusual huntsman.