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11 June 2014

The TWII’s bruises are healing.

Upcoming Events:

  • Wed 11 Jun: Isles Rapier Fighter Practice (7:00pm; Theatre & Dance Courtyard at UCSB)
  • Fri 13 Jun – Sun 15 Jun: Nordwache Anniversary (North Fork, CA) –
  • Fri 13 Jun – Sun 15 Jun: Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium (Starkhafn / Las Vegas, NV) —
  • Sun 15 Jun: Kingdom Rapier Practice (noon, Shire of Darach / Via Marina Park, 3301 Keel Ave, Oxnard)
  • Tue 17 Jun: Shed Moving (6 PM; Graham’s house) — See below for details.
  • Tue 17 Jun: Isles Craft Night (7:30pm; Todde and Mora’s house)
  • Wed 18 Jun: Isles Rapier and Armored Combat Fighter Practices (NEW Time & Location! 6:00pm; Girsh Park, near the corner of Phelps and Pacific Oaks)
  • Sat 21 Jun: Carreg Wen Anniversary (Lompoc, CA) —

Last Week

Coronation was Saturday in Carreg Wen. During the first court of Their Majesties Agrippa and Bridget, Lady Gwen was made a Companion of the Harp Argent, and Lord Paul was a made a Companion of the Dolphin. The Shire’s presentation to Their Majesties was very well received. Thank you to everyone who helped out.

Queen’s Champion was on Sunday. His Lordship Todde made to the finals for rapier. The Shire had a good a turnout and narrowly avoided being charged with treason for implying that we might try to lick the Queen. (“Eum linximus, nostrum est.”) Thanks to everyone who came out and had fun.


This Week

Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium and Nordwache Anniversary are both this weekend. Paul and Gwen are going to the former; is anyone going to the latter?

We will be cleaning out and moving the Shire’s storage shed on Tuesday, June 17th, at 6 PM. Please contact Lodovico for details; many hands make light work.

Fighter Practices will be shifting to summer schedule on Wednesday, June 18th. Both rapier and armored practices will be held at Girsh Park, near the corner of Phelps and Pacific Oaks, starting at 6 PM.


Further Away & Other Bits

Carreg Wen Anniversary is June 21 in Lompoc, CA.

There will be a Pentathlon Q&A Session with Mistress Caterucia at 1pm on Sunday, June 29 at Todde & Mora’s house.

Another Isles Brew Day is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, July 13th. Contact Paul if you would like to attend.

Pre-registration for Great Western War (October 8-13 in Wintermist/Taft, CA) is available until August 31st.  There is an Isles camp.

Upcoming Events near Isles or otherwise of interest:


The Shire has a Facebook Group, for those who are so inclined to discuss things there.

Interested in unofficial but helpful Isles announcements and a bit of snark? Follow the Red Tower on Twitter: @SingTheRedTower.

Your reward for reading all the way to the end is derpy medieval art.