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7 May 2014

The TWII is hungry.

Upcoming Events:

  • Wed 7 May: Isles Rapier and Armored Combat Fighter Practices (7:00pm; Theatre & Dance Courtyard at UCSB)
  • Thu 8 May: Introduction to Period Cooking (7:30pm; Paul and Gwen’s house)
  • Sat 10 May: Altavia Anniversary (Sylmar, CA) —
  • Tue 13 May: Isles Craft Night (7:30pm; Todde and Mora’s house)
  • Wed 14 May: Isles Rapier and Armored Combat Fighter Practices (7:00pm; Theatre & Dance Courtyard at UCSB)
  • Sat 17 May: Wintermist Anniversary (Bakersfield, CA) —
  • Sun 18 May: Isles Brew Day (10am; Paul and Gwen’s house)
  • Sun 18 May: Queen’s Champion Equestrian (Chino, CA) —

May Shire Meeting

  • Shire Meetings are now held at Todde and Mora’s house at 6:30pm on the first Tuesday of the month.
  • Mora has taken over as Exchequer. Delphine is now Seneschal.  Lodovico is enjoying his freedom from responsibility.
  • Officer Report (Webmaster): Looking in to issues reported with the calendar on the web site.
  • Officer Report (Quartermaster): Shed cleaning will be the weekend after Coronation (Jun 14-15).
  • Officer Report (Exchequer): We have money and a new Exchequer.
  • Officer Report (A&S): Period Cooking class this Thursday. Brew Day on May 18th. Pentathlon workshop on June 29th. A&S competition and displays this weekend at Altavia (go look even if you don’t enter anything). Largesse derby at Coronation.
  • Officer Report (Chatelaine): A new fighter will be coming to practice next week.  Todde will be stepping up as Deputy Chatelaine.
  • Isles Anniversary is coming in November.  Paul has agreed to be the event steward.  If there’s anyone interested in being a co-steward, contact Paul.
  • Solstice Parade: Is Isles interested in participating in the Solstice Parade on Jun 21?  Since this is opposite Carreg Wen’s Anniversary, the consensus was that we would not participate in the parade.

Last Week

Darach Anniversary was on Saturday in Thousand Oaks, CA. The day featured armored and rapier combat and equestrian activities including jousting.  Many from Isles braved the heat and fought on the rapier field. Don Todde won the rapier championship.

This Week

An Introduction to Period Cooking is this Thursday at 7:30pm at Paul & Gwen’s house.  THLady Leonor de Seville will be sharing her knowledge on how to get started with period cooking including answers to questions like: What is period food like?  How is making it different from modern cooking?  Where do you find recipes?

Altavia Anniversary is this Saturday in Sylmar, CA at Veteran’s Park.  It sounds like there will be a handful of people going.  Paul and Gwen will be bringing the Blob.


Further Away & Other Bits

Wintermist Anniversary is this Saturday, May 17 in Bakersfield, CA.  Is anyone planning on going?

An Isles Brew Day will be held at Paul and Gwen’s house on Sunday, May 18th.  The house will open at 10am and there will be activity all day, so feel free to drop in.  Please contact Paul if you’re interested.

Potrero War is May 22-26 in Calafia.  There is an Isles camp.  Are you planning on going?  Do you need a ride?  Can you offer a ride to someone?  It’s too late to pre-register, but you can still allocate land.  If you’re planning to go, please allocate land.

Pre-registration for Great Western War (October 8-13 in Wintermist/Taft, CA) is open.  There is an Isles camp.  If you register by May 31st, you get extra land for free!


Upcoming Events near Isles or otherwise of interest:


The Shire has a Facebook Group, for those who are so inclined to discuss things there.

Interested in unofficial but helpful Isles announcements and a bit of snark? Follow the Red Tower on Twitter: @SingTheRedTower.

Your reward for reading all the way to the end is a collection of medieval cookbooks.