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9 April 2014

The TWII wants a winged sea caribou.

Upcoming Events:

Last Week

King’s Hunt, hosted by the Shire of Carreg Wen, was last weekend at Live Oak Campground. It was a great event full of fighting, archery, crafting, and spending time with friends both new and old. Their Highnesses seemed very appreciative of the presentation that the Shire made during court (and Cormac Crescent, Principal Herald of Caid, remarked that the bar has now been raised for future presentations that the Shire makes). Thank you to everyone who helped make that possible.

This Week

There will no Craft Night on Tuesday, April 15th. Regularly scheduled Craft Nights will resume on April 22nd.

Starkhafn Anniversary is this weekend near Las Vegas, NV. Is anyone from the Shire (like, perhaps, the Crossbow Champion of Starkhafn) planning on attending?

Barons’ Feast (aka the Gyldenholt Company Picnic) is on Sunday in Orange, CA. It’s a day full of food, games, and friendly people. Reservations may be required. Lord Paul and Lady Gwen are planning on attending, so talk to them if you’re interested in going.


Further Away & Other Bits

Dun Or Anniversary is coming up on Saturday, April 19th in Lancaster, CA. Is anyone from the Shire thinking about attending?

There will be a Period Game Night this month for A&S. Come learn to play various period games. Date and location to be announced shortly.

Upcoming Events near Isles or otherwise of interest:


The Shire has a Facebook Group, for those who are so inclined to discuss things there.

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Your reward for reading all the way to the end is an article about AWESOME (modern) Canadian heraldry.