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8 October 2013 — With Business Meeting Notes

This week’s TWII is fortified with notes from the October Shire Business Meeting.


Upcoming Events:

  • Wed 9 Oct – Mon 14 Oct: Great Western War (Wintermist / Taft, CA) –


Last Week

Shire Business Meeting 

  • Officer Reports
    • Seneschal: See the shed and firepit items below.
    • Exchequer: The Shire made $33 from Rapier Open donations; the Kingdom Rapier Fund made about $110.
    • Chatelaine: Newbies! We’ve had several show up at fighter practice and we’re trying to keep them. Countess Jane needs to send their emails to Don Todde. Having non-fighters at practice to talk with people who wander by seemed to go well. We will continue having a table at fighter practice for a while, possibly staffed by people in funny hats. Also, Rapier Open was good publicity for us, what with the whole “being out and being seen” thing. Rapier Open was in the Independent, though we didn’t hear about it from anyone who was there.
    • Arts & Sciences: September class was Persian Slipper-making taught by Countess Albra. Albra will likely be teaching a metal thread embroidery class after New Year’s. There are lots of classes at Great Western War; if you attend something that you’re interested in bringing back, talk to Gwen. We’re still looking at putting together a sequence of (at least partially) on-campus intro A&S classes, probably dance, leatherworking, chain jewelry, food (bread/cheese), and budget garb. Scheduling for these will happen after GWW.
    • Herald: We will have royal presence for Isles Anniversary in November, so get award recommendations in ASAP.
    • Campmaster: If you didn’t land allocate for GWW but are coming, let Lady Ylaria know. There will be a potluck on Saturday night. Also, if you want firewood, come steal it from Todde and Mora’s backyard.
  • The Shed: Graham may be moving in the November to January time frame, so we need to move it. Lady Delphine hates it and suggests we buy a new one. Current size is about 8x4x6; we probably need something bigger. Renting a storage unit is prohibitively expensive, and $500 is “definitely, definitely too much” to pay for a new shed.  We also need a place to put the new (or old) shed. Lord Lodovico’s can be a stopgap place if needed. Let us know if you could possibly house it and what conditions you would need to put on access to it.
  • Fire pit: Jordano’s has a $25 propane fire pit that might be worth getting and taking to future wars. Lucius is doing further research.
  • Isles Anniversary: It’s happening on November 18th at Stow Grove Park. The theme is “Revenge.” Delphine is the Event Steward and will send out a volunteer request list. Suggestions for entertainment during the day are welcome. Lunch will happen; it might be included in the site fee. There will be a glass bead making class to make site tokens: beads to ward off the Evil Eye.


This Week

Great Western War is this week! Don’t forget your fighter cards, your membership cards, cash, etc.

Note: No fighter practice this week.


Further Away & Other Bits

The Shire has a Facebook Group, for those who are so inclined to discuss things there.

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Your reward for reading all the way to the end is this account of a medieval joke book.