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10 September 2013 — With Business Meeting Notes

This week’s TWII is enhanced with notes from the September Shire Business Meeting.


Upcoming Events:

  • Tue 10 Sept: Isles Craft Night (7:30 pm at Todde and Mora’s)
  • Wed 11 Sept: Isles Fighter Practices in the Theatre & Dance Courtyard at UCSB; Rapier Practice (6:30pm) and Armored Combat (7:30pm)
  • Sat 14 Sept: Angels Anniversary (Angels / La Verne) –
  • Sat 21 Sept: Tanwayour Anniversary (Calafia / Bonita) –
  • Sun 22 Sept: Turkish Slipper Workshop (10 am at Todde and Mora’s) – See below for details


Last Week

Shire Business Meeting 

  • Officer Reports
    • Seneschal: Kingdom event bids for 2015 have been submited.  We bid for Spring Crown and both Festival of the Rose events. Also: Lord Lodovico will be in Brazil from Sept 18th to Oct 4th.
    • Webwright & Quartermaster: Magnus is the new Webwright and Quartermaster. Lucius will continue as his deputy until he and Lady Luna depart for the West. Also: loaner garb is being transferred to Countess Jane as a Chatelaine.
    • Arts & Sciences: August had two classes – Recorder taught by Countess Jane and Dancing taught by Lady Delphine (which featured live music on recorders!). September’s class will be Turkish Slipper-making, taught by Countess Alba (see below for details). Lady Gwen is hoping to do an A&S blitz in October to capture new students, including classes for leatherworking, chainmail/jewelrymaking, food & beverage, dance, and possibly garb. She will coordinate with likely teachers.
    • Herald: Their Majesties will be in Isles for Rapier Open, so get award recommendations in ASAP. We will also have royal presence for Isles Anniversary in November.
    • Campmaster: Great Western War pre-registrations are still being processed. Lady Ylaria will send out and update on the Isles camp once everything is tallied.
    • Chatelaine: Sick, no report. 🙁
  • Recruiting – Most discussion was deferred, given Jane’s absence. We’re planning on talking more at Craft Night on Tuesday, Sept 17th.
  • Rapier Open – Coming up very soon, on September 28th, at Stow Grove Park. Don Todde is the Event Steward. Please email him to volunteer. The event will be followed by a revel at Todde and Mora’s.
  • Isles Anniversary – Coming up on November 18th and needs an Event Steward very soon. (Many Isles-ians will be out of town that day, hence the dearth of volunteers.) We need to reserve a site and a feast location. The deadline for publicizing the event in the November Crown Prints is September 25th.
  • Meeting Location – Beginning in October, we will move the Isles Business Meeting to Tuesday’s at 6:30pm at Rusty’s Pizza, 270 Storke Road, Goleta, CA. While we will normally meet the first Tuesday of the month, because Lodovico will be Brazil on the 1st, our next meeting will be Tuesday, October 8th.
  • Isles Town Hall – Lord Paul is behind on following up with people on their action items from the August Town Hall. Expect to hear from him soon.
  • Other topics
    • The Santa Barbara Country Dance Society has a garbed English Country Dance event once a month. We should consider reaching out to them and collaborating.
    • It was Gwen’s birthday. Happy birthday, Gwen!
    • At Craft Night for the next few weeks, we will be working on making tribute for presentation to Their Majesties at Rapier Open. This week: Leather garters! Come help; tools, materials, and guideance will be provided.
    • Dona Grace will be at rapier practice on Wednesday. Come cross swords with another White Scarf!


This Week

Angels Anniversary is on Saturday in La Verne (same site as Medieval Marketplace). Who is going?


Further Away & Other Bits

Turkish Slipper Workshop taught by Countess Albra is on Sept 22th. From Lady Gwen Hir:

Join Countess Albra for an all-day workshop on Turkish Slippers, Sunday Sept. 22nd, starting at 10am at Todde & Mora’s house.

You’ll start with leather, fabric, and trim, and by the end of the day you’ll have a pair of beautiful slippers made just for your feet. These slippers are appropriate for men and women.  They can be worn with Persian or Turkish garb or just when you want comfortable footwear.

Class size is limited to 12 (and there are only 3 spots left!), so if you’d like to guarantee a spot, please let me know that you’ll be attending. There will be a kit fee of approximately $20 for all of the materials you’ll need. Please bring: scissors, straight pins, a 6″ embroidery hoop, and note taking materials. Lunch will be ordered in or you may bring your own.

Hope to see you at the Slipper Workshop!

Rapier Open is Sept 28th.  See for more details.  Contact Don Todde to volunteer.

Isles Anniversary is in November and really needs an event steward.  If you’re interested, please contact Lodovico.

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Your reward for reading all the way to the end is armored fighters in bumper cars.