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4 September 2013

You only think it’s Wednesday. It’s actually TWII-sday.

Upcoming Events:


Last Week

Highland War was held over Labor Day weekend. Lord Lodovico reports:

The event was very relaxing. Even though it was hot during the day we had a nice set of passing thunderstorms on Saturday that kept the air cool but stayed far enough away to keep us dry.

Robynne the Grey stepped down as Kingdom Seneschal and Thomas Blackkeep stepped up in an apparently powerful presentation (which I missed because they decided to start court a half hour early and not announce it to everyone). Afterwards I helped Robynne make the unofficial drink of the seneschalate, Gin & Tonics, for anyone who wanted one to celebrate her stepping down from office. Why a gin & tonic you ask? It is because the quinine is medicinal and the gin makes you forget, or at least not care, about the drama.

We got some archery in as well, though not as much due to lighting failures and again more schedule inaccuracies. All in all though it was a very relaxing, albeit hot, weekend.

Camp consisted of:

  • Me
  • Delphine
  • Juanica
  • Guier
  • Annabelle
  • Theodosia
  • Sir Edward Oakenheart
  • Edward the Pink
  • Adalais


This Week

Anyone going to 3.5 Baronies Melee or Calafia Equestrian Championship?

Shire Business Meeting on Monday at 6:30 pm at Hollister Brewing Company. From our benevolent Seneschal: “We will be discussing upcoming events as well as demos, so if you can attend please do.”


Further Away & Other Bits

Turkish Slipper Workshop taught by Countess Albra is on Sept 22th. From Lady Gwen Hir:

Join Countess Albra for an all-day workshop on Turkish Slippers, Sunday Sept. 22nd, starting at 10am at Todde & Mora’s house.

You’ll start with leather, fabric, and trim, and by the end of the day you’ll have a pair of beautiful slippers made just for your feet. These slippers are appropriate for men and women.  They can be worn with Persian or Turkish garb or just when you want comfortable footwear.

Class size is limited to 12, so if you’d like to guarantee a spot, please let me know that you’ll be attending. There will be a kit fee of approximately $20 for all of the materials you’ll need. Please bring: scissors, straight pins, a 6″ embroidery hoop, and note taking materials. Lunch will be ordered in or you may bring your own.

Hope to see you at the Slipper Workshop!

Rapier Open is Sept 28th.  See for more details.  Todde is the event steward.

Isles Anniversary is in November and needs an event steward.  If you’re interested, please contact Lodovico.

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