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TWII Goes (Back To) Weekly — 13 August 2013

I know what you’re thinking: There wasn’t a business meeting this week, so why is there a TWII? Because it used to come out every week, and we decided that it’s time that it does so again. Watch for a new TWII every Tuesday.

Upcoming Events:

  • Tue 13 Aug: Isles Craft Night (7pm at Todde and Mora’s)
  • Wed 14 Aug: Isles Fighter Practices; Rapier Practice (6:30pm at Girsh Park) and Armored Combat (7:30pm in the Theatre & Dance Courtyard at UCSB)
  • Thu 15 Aug: Isles Dance Class/Practice (7:30pm in the Theatre & Dance Courtyard at UCSB)
  • Sat 17 Aug: Crown Tournament (Lyondemere / Long Beach) –
  • Sat 24 Aug: Festival of the Rose / Leodamus of Thebes Tourney (Calafia / UC San Diego) –

Last Week

Isles Town Hall & Revel:

Thank you to Todde and Mora for opening up their house to last Friday. We talked about how to attract more people to the Shire. We probably need to have a follow-on discussion about what to do when interested people show up. Please direct any feedback to Lodovico, Luna, Magnus, or Paul or send an email to all of them at

Darach Anniversary:

Fun was had. We dug the Isles flag out of storage and it looked awesome. There were many silly weapons used in the rapier tourney. Talk to Lodovico, Delphine, Gwen, Paul, Todde, Mora, Edward, Adelais, or Eleanora for more details.

This Week

Crown Tournament:

  • Fall Crown is this coming Saturday, 24 August, in Lyondemere, to determine the Heirs to Their Majesties Sven and Cassandra.
  • Due to a problem with the Long Beach Parks and Recreation Department, they will not be able to accept site fees on site. Please mail in your fee (either before or after the event) to Barony of Lyondemere, 10362 Hester Ave., Buena Park, CA 90620. Make checks payable to: SCA Inc./Barony of Lyondemere. Site fee(s): Site fee is $7 for adults; Children ages 7 to 12 $3; Children ages 6 and under are guests of the barony. A non-member surcharge of $5 will apply to all non-members ages 12 and over.
  • At opening court, Paul fitz Denis will be created a Pursuivant and will be stepping up as Dolphin Herald. There will be much heraldic pomp and circumstance. Come cheer!

Further Away & Other Bits

Rapier Open is Sept 28th.  See for more details.  Todde is the event steward.

Isles Anniversary is in November and needs an event steward.  If you’re interested, please contact Lodovico.

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