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July 2013

As collected by the eminently talented Gwen Hir

Congratulations to Lodovico who became a Yeoman archer and Delphine who became a Novice archer this weekend at Caid Archery Open!
Upcoming Events:
 – Thu 7/11: Chaperon Hat Making Class at Jane & Angelo’s house

– Sat 7/13: Lyondemere Anniversary

– Sat 7/20: CP Prize Tournament (here in Isles!)

– Sat 7/27: Dreiburgen Summer Arts

 – Fri 8/9: Isles Town Hall (Topic: recruitment)

– Sat 8/10: Darach Anniversary

– Sat 8/17: Fall Crown Tournament (Lyondemere)


CP Prize Tournament (July 20th):

– Isles is hosting this Kingdom event on July 20th.  Please volunteer to help!

– There will be three tournaments: Heavies (run by Angelo), Rapier (run by Todde & Mora), and Laurels vs Pelicans Boffer.
– Magnus is the event steward. Lodovico is the deputy event steward.  Jane is the Royal liason.

 – Volunteers to assist with the raffle and a beverage station are especially needed.
 – If you have a sun shade you’re willing to loan, please let Magnus know since they’ll be needed for many locations.
 – Magnus has solicited raffle donations from various kingdom groups and is still looking for more things to add.  Contact him if you have items you think would be good for the raffle.

– Delphine reminds us: if you have receipts from CP Prize, turn them in to her at the August business meeting.

Please write award recommendations!  If you think there’s someone who deserves an award, recommend them here:
More information including award descriptions and the list of awards already given to each person:
Isles Town Hall & Revel (Aug 9th):
 – Our next town hall meeting will be on Friday, August 9th.  At Todde & Mora’s house.
 – The main topic will be recruiting
 – The meeting will be followed by a revel.
 – More details will be sent to the list soon.

Officer report – Seneschal:
 – Isles Anniversary is coming up on Nov 16th and we need an event steward.  Contact Lodovico if you’re interested.  (Luna recommends this as a great event for first time stewards.)
– Graham is OK with having the Isles storage shed staying in his yard, but it would be nice if it could find a home with someone active in the Shire.  Contact Lodovico if you think that you have a place for the shed.

Officer report – Arts & Sciences:
 – Luna is stepping down and Gwen is stepping up at CP Prize.  Luna has graciously agreed to help out as Deputy Minister while she is still in town.
 – Last month was a dance class taught by Delphine.
 – This Thursday (7/11) is Chaperon Hat Making (“Angelo-Saxon”) at Jane’s house.
 – Trying to arrange a class with Countess Albra in August on Persian Slippers.
Officer report – Quartermaster:
 – We need someone to take over as Quartermaster.  Rumor is it’s easy.
Officer report – Exchequer:
 – Nothing to report.  Isles has the same amount of money it had last month.
Officer report – Webwright:
 – CP Prize site has been updated.
 – Rapier Open now has a landing page.
 – Lucius may have convinced Magnus to take over as Webwright or he may still be looking for a successor.  If you’re interested, contact Lucius.
 – If something is out of date on the web site, please email Lucius and let him know both the old info and what you think it should be replaced with, and he’ll take care of it.
Officer report – Chatelaine:
 – No news.
Officer report – Herald:
 – Paul is planning to be at the Kingdom Herald meeting this Sunday, so if there’s something you’d like to submit please get it to him by Thursday (7/11).
Their Majesties Sven & Cassandra plan to step down in Tudor attire and are encouraging others who are interested to join them.  Fall Coronation will be 11/2 in Dun Or.  There’s a group in Glydenholt that’s doing monthly classes to help get ready.
The upcoming classes are:
  Sun 7/21 – Kirtles
  Sun 8/25 – Gowns
  Sun 9/8 – Accessories
They’ve also put together resources online:
Please contact Gwen if you’re interested in carpooling to one of the classes or sharing ideas about Tudor garb.
And thus ends the TWII.