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June 2013

Behold the minutes from this month’s Shire Business Meeting! As your Avant Courier’s morning coffee hasn’t kicked in yet, the June edition of the TWII is decidedly lacking in snark. Moving on . . .

Upcoming Special Events:

Carreg Wen Anniversary – June 8th
– Paul and Gwen are attending and may have room in their car for another passenger. Let them know if you want to carpool.

Gyldenholt Anniversary – June 22nd
– Paul and Gwen are attending. If any Autocrats/ event stewards want announcements made about their upcoming events, speak to Paul or Gwen.

CP Prize – July 20th
– Isles should present something to their Highnesses.
– Since Court will be held, you should submit award recommendations. Submissions can be made via the Caid web site at Please use specific examples when submitting award recommendations since it makes it much more satisfying for both the recipient and the Crown giving it to them.

Rapier Open – September 28th
– Location: Stow Grove Park
– This will be a free event! Donated proceeds will go to the Kingdom.
– Todde will donate the prizes.
– Potluck revel at Todde and Mora’s home after (Woot!)

Topics Discussed:

РA report will be coming out soon about the events of the recent Shire Townhall. A lot of great information was uncovered. Future planning will focus on broadening the appeal of participating in Townhalls to promote the involvement with more members of the Shire.

– It happened! At Potrero! Avranos will probably run the Coffee House on just one night at wars. There will need to be more coordination when Avranos/Cormac moves to LA if the coffee house is to continue. Let Avranos/Cormac know if you are interested in helping run the coffee house.

Summer Fighter Practice
– Present Islesians discussed whether rapier and heavies practice should be moved to Girsch Park for the summer. No decisions were made. Speak up if you have an opinion on this matter!

– Present Islesians expressed interest in having a propane firepit for the Shire. Theodosia recently researched the best prices to purchase her own firepit, and said that the best deal she found was $100 at Costco.

Officer Reports:

Arts & Sciences (Luna)
– Delphine will teach a dance class on June 20th. If you have a batter-powered boombox that can be borrowed, please contact Luna or Delphine.
– In July, Mistress Jane will teach a class on constructing Anglo-Saxxon hats.
– In August, Comptesse Albra will teach a class on making Persian shoes.

Herald (Ylaria) & Deputy Herald (Paul)
– Contact your Herald if you want anything registered before the Herald’s Meeting on June 9th! Paul will attend the meeting, so let him know if you have paperwork that needs to be submitted so that he can hand it off.

Landocrat (Ylaria)
– You must pre-reg and pay for land allocation at Great Western War! The deadline is June 31st.

Webwright (Lucius)
РNo news is still good news!

Exchequer (Delphine)
– Received a check to the tune of $300 from to Kingdom for money sent by the Shire after the lawsuit.


And thus ends the TWII.