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May 2013

Here are the meeting minutes from this month’s Shire Business Meeting. I was unable to attend the meeting, so these are the notes that were diligently taken down by Gwen.

Upcoming Special Events:

– Thursday, May 23rd at 7pm — A&S Class on Cheesemaking at Paul & Gwen’s house
– Thursday, May 23rd thru Monday, May 27th — Potrero War
– Saturday, June 1st — Coronation – Sunday, June 2nd — Queen’s Championship Tournaments
– Saturday, June 8th — Carreg Wen Anniversary

Topics Discussed:
Ren Faire Demo at SB Junior High
– Friday May 17th, from 2:30-4pm at SB Junior High.
– If you can help with setup please arrive at 2pm.
– A silly, fun time showing off various aspects of the SCA to 7th & 8th graders. The plan is to have an eric with rapier and heavies fighting and to do some A&S demos.
– Jane has only about 10 fliers left. Lodovico will send her the file for the fliers since there might need to be changes made before printing more.

Rapier Open
– September 28th – Todde won last year, so he gets to host it this year.
– Location is still to be determined, but likely either Stow Grove Park (free!) or SB Junior High (if this week’s demo goes really well).
– Todde will be submitting the teaser blurb to the Crown Prints shortly, and Lucius will set up a landing page on the web site for him to direct people to.

Potrero War
– May 23rd – 27th
– Isles will not have a lot of people camping there this year, but there should be lots of room due to people who land allocated but weren’t able to come.
– Should we bring the Isles Fire Pit? Consensus was no. Edward was going to bring his and there aren’t going to be enough people for two. Also, we need to get an ember guard for the fire pit before Great Western War. Another possibility would be to see if Saul is interested in parting with his folding one.

Awards –
There’s a war coming up and we’ll have Royal presence in Isles for CP Prize, so if you think someone is deserving of an award, now would be a great time to submit a recommendation.
– Submissions can be made via the Caid web site at
– Please use specific examples when submitting award recommendations since it makes it much more satisfying for both the recipient and the Crown giving it to them.
– Discussed that it would be a good idea to have a census of the Isles community. Lodovico will handle this.

Isles Town Meeting
– Friday evening, May 17th, at 7pm at Todde and Mora’s house.
– Consensus was that even though several people who wanted to come couldn’t make it, it would be better to have the meeting anyway and then schedule another one for the future rather than continuing to try and find one time that would work for everyone.
– Paul will send out an agenda in the next couple of days, and minutes / a summary of the discussion will be sent out afterwards.
– If you are unable to attend in person, please send in notes ahead of time to Paul.
– Remote attendees can be accommodated via services like Google Hangout / Skype / etc. If you’re interested in attending remotely, please contact Paul and Lucius beforehand and they’ll work with you to make it happen.

– Official opening will be at Potrero, but it’ll be a lot like at King’s Hunt.
– If you’re interested in learning how to use the coffeemaking things, contact El-Hac aka Cormac for a lesson. He’s interested in people who want to help during the nighttime operating hoursĀ AND people who are interested in running things in the morning since morning coffee was well received at King’s Hunt and he won’t be awake.

CP Prize
– Site is still TBD. Waiting until OSL gets back to Joanna.
– Working on getting the formal invitation sent to Crown.

Officer Report – Arts & Sciences (Luna)
– This month’s class is an intro to cheesemaking taught by Gwen on Thursday, May 23rd. An exact time and directions will be sent to the list. Gwen is planning to make kits available for purchase if anyone is interested in making cheese at home.
– The June class will be taught by Alba and will probably be on Turkish shoes. Jane mentions that Alba wants to due this in July, and it’ll likely be on a weekend. More details will be announced as they are available.

Officer Report – Herald (Ylaria)
– Please contact Ylaria via email if you have questions or need help with something heraldic.
– Upcoming heraldic activities to get ready for CP Prize include: fake silk banners, promissory painting, and paper origami roses. More details will be announced later.
– Paul signed the paperwork to be a Deputy Herald. Paul will be at the June College of Heralds meeting, so if there are questions about a submission you’ve made, he’ll call you.
– If you want an easy way to get your heraldry submitted, drop it off with the heralds at Potrero. That’ll get it in before the June meeting.

Officer Report – Webwright (Lucius)
– No news is good news.
– Setting up landing pages for events is easy and effective. Talk with Lucius, and he’ll get things set up for your event.

Officer Report – Exchequer (Delphine)
– Money is mostly unchanged.
– If Isles owes you money, contact Delphine.
– An FYI – Wells Fargo, the Society’s recommended bank, is instituting a policy change which will charge bigger fees if you make more than $3000 in deposits in a month. This won’t normally impact us, but we might need to try to split up deposits from big events like CP Prize. Delphine will investigate the details of this new fee structure.

Officer Report – Chatelaine (Jane)
– Some contact with a couple of newbie, but nothing has panned out yet.
– Had one person show up at two different fighter practices now to watch and talk to people.

Dance Practice
– Several people expressed interested in another dance class / practice, including several people from Darach. Delphine will see what days, including weekends will work for people and try to schedule something.

Misc Announcements
– Todde is cleaning out his collection of shoe lasts. If he’s made you shoes, come claim the lasts for you feet or he’ll throw them out.
– Lodovico has some fabric he’s looking to part with and will be bringing to craft night tomorrow (5/14).