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April 2013

Ever have one of those days when you wake up and think to yourself, “Did I ever write this month’s TWII?” Well I certainly did, as evidenced by this late post about what happened at April’s Shire Business Meeting. And now, without further delay, here is this month’s TWII!

Seneschal: Potrero War is coming up! Don’t forget to land allocate. Also, the Shire has supplies if you need any sort of loaner gear or loaner garb to attend War. Ylaria is Camp Master and also in charge of loaner gear, so she is your one stop shop for your Potrero War needs!

Minister of Arts & Sciences: Hette’s jewelry making class was a huge success. Jane’s remedial recorder class was also a lot of fun, and she will having another gathering that will serve as a crash course for learning to read music. For April, Todde will teach a class based on what he taught at Collegium. Expect a class on the philosophy of fighting that will be relevant to both Rapier and Heavies fighters.

Webwright: A content management system will be offered by the SCA that is official. It is optional, and Lucius has decided not to use it. He also created a new landing page for CP Prize. If you are a warranted officer, please contact Lucius so that your information can go on the website. If you want anything added to the calendar, Scriptorium, or anywhere else on the site for that matter, contact Lucius!

Chatelaine: Jane will be updating the Chatelaine’s section of the Isles website. he encourages people to look at the website, and see if you still want to be contacted if you are listed in that section. Also, please talk to Jane if you want to know more about youth offerings and family-geared SCA activities. There are activities available for even just one child, and participation isn’t limited to events!

Exchequer: We have money! Huzzah! We have not done anything yet that requires money. Huzzah! The new pop-up that the Shire purchased was free because it was delievered broken, but Connor should be able to fix it through the magic of welding.

Deputy Herald: Seven out of nine of the names/devices that were submitted from the Shire were passed at the recent Herald’s Meeting, one after the fact when permission was given to conflict.

CP Prize Autocrat: Magnus is still securing the site, but hopefully it will be on the Faculty Club Green at UCSB. He has been in contact with the Chamberlaine to invite their Highnesses to the event. There will be Heavies and Rapier tournaments, and other activities are still being decided. Contact with any questions, comments, or ideas!

Jane: Collegium was awesome!

Gwen: Collegium was indeed awesome! She learned to make cheese and vinegars! Look forward to a class from Gwen on this topic in the relatively near future. Homemade cheese, coming soon to a Shire near you!


And thus ends the TWII.