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March 2013

Hello denizens of the Isles! Here’s your quick and dirty review of the March Business Meeting. Critical information from the February Business Meeting are also folded in, because no one took notes at the February meeting. (Whoops.) So let’s get right to it, shall we?

Court of Love: Gwen and Paul will be attending and are interested in carpooling. Please contact them if you would like to attend Court of Love with them.

Collegium: Gwen and Paul are considering attending Collegium, if travel arrangements work out. Please contact them if you would like to ride with them to Collegium.

CP Prize: Magnus will be serving as Autocrat for CP Prize. Huzzah!

Potrero War: Potrero War is coming! If you are going or in good faith think you are going, please land allocate under our camp group, “Shire of the Isles”. Pre-reg is not required to land allocate. Land allocation will close May 12.

Turkish Coffee House: Cormac, Lucius, Gwen, and Paul met to discuss the logistics of  unveiling the Turkish Coffee House at King’s Hunt. They created a list of things that they would like to acquire, which has been sent to the Google group created for planning. Please contact Cormac if you want to get involved.

Summer Demo: Fun in the Sun, a summar day camp program, has expressed interest in hosting a demo over the summer. Delphine is our point person.

Junior High Ren Faire: Santa Barbara Junior High will be doing a renaissance faire and have requested our presence for a demo. Todde is the point person. This location might also serve as a lead for the CP Prize site.

Shire Town Hall: Luna will commence with badgering in hopes of finding a date for our upcoming Shire Town Hall.

Seneschal: Lodovico has not received notes from the Privy Council yet. He will share a report once he has received the notes.

Minister of Arts & Sciences: February’s remedial recorder class has been postponed. Expect updates from Mistress Jane on the list about when the recorder class will take place. For March, Heather is interested in teaching jewelry making. Check the list for updates about this event. Also, Delphine is also interested in teaching more regular dance classes, especially with King’s Hunt on the horizon. We will keep you posted (as you can imagine) on the list.

Exchequer: Delphine will pay UCSB for use of their meeting room during our January A&S dance class. Also, she has money for Crafty Cormac.

Herald: Delphine shared that our Herald, Ylaria, will not be avaiable on weekends due to work. However, she still wants to assist people with turning in paperwork and any help needed with heraldry so do not hesitate to contact her.

Chatelaine: Mistress Jane is our new Chatelaine! Huzzah!

Webright: Nothing new to report. Keep sending Lucius your events to add to the Shire calendar.


And thus ends the TWII.