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January 2013

Welcome back! Now that we have all cleverly survived the End of the World, I can present you with the highlights of this month’s Business Meeting.


Calendar: A new calendar is up on the Isles website. Take a look as our regular events have changed for 2013. If you notice an event missing, please contact our Webright, Lucius Brewhouse, and he will add it to the calendar.

Filthy Dirty Collegium: While there are lots of wonderful classes already lined up, the Autocrats still soliticing classes. The Autocrats will post soon about volunteer positions that are needed. Feast will be a potluck dinner.

Heavies Combat: Mistress Jane and Count Angelo will host an open armoring workshops on Sundays at 1pm, except during Tri-Shire Practices, when armoring will occur after practice. Also, there is a new Isles Armored Combat Yahoo group. If anyone wants to join, please let Lodovico know.

Songbooks: Have a songbook and want it digitally copied? Please contact Lucius. Also, Luna would like to gather songbooks to use for a bardic circle as a future A&S activity. If you are willing to let her copy your song book for such an event, please contact her as well.

Turkish Coffee House: Cormac would like to bring a Turkish coffee house to King’s Hunt. Please contact Crafty Cormac if you are interested in participating.

Trailer: Lucius did some research and learned that trailers do not lose their value and remain prohibitively expensive. He recommended renting from Uhaul. Those in attendance wondered if the Exchequer should do some research on insurance and reimbursement issues for folks who decide to privately rent a trailer on behalf of Isles.

Promissory Pizza Party: On Friday the 18th, learn about illumination while enjoying pizza and period movies at Delphine and Ylaria’s home. Supplies will be provided. See the list for further information.

Seneschal: The new Isles pop up has arrived and is currently in Lodovico’s keeping. Lodovico shared that Maela Caimbeul became the new Bard of Caid at Twelfth Night.

Minister of Arts & Sciences: Delphine will teach dancing on Thursday, January 23rd. Mistress Jane is interested in teaching a remedial recorder class in the future.

Webwright: The Filthy Dirty Collegium page its up. Go there for event information, as it will be continually updated. Lucius would like to have pages like this on the Isles site for all Isles events from now on.

Exchequer: The Shire still has money! (And there was much rejoicing.) However, there will be slightly less money because of reimbursements for the pop-up and Isles Anniversary. (And there was slightly less rejoicing.) Delphine pointed out that with fundraisers, there could be more money to go into things like paying for Uhaul rentals to wars. Currently, Isles tends to break even.


And thus ends the TWII.