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December 2012

There’s all manner of exciting things afoot in Isles this month! Read on to find out more.

Isles Yule: There will be a garbed Yule party at Jane and Angelo’s on December 13th. More information to be coming soon on an Isles mailing list near you!

State of the Shire Town Hall: Luna would like to host a “town hall” in the Shire that has cheekily been referred to as the State of the Shire. The purpose would be to gather to discuss how things have been going in the Shire, what people want out of the Shire, and how to develop as a community with the resources that we have. Possible topics include: “What do we currently get out of being members of the Shire of the Isles? What do we want out of the Shire? Who are we and why do we participate? How do we build a sense of community? How do we recruit new members?” A Doodle will be sent out on the mailing list to see when folks are available, but the hope is for this event to happen in January or February.

 Filthy Dirty Collegium: Ylaria and Delphine, the Autocrats for Filthy Dirty Collegium, are on the lookout for folks who want to teach classes at the event. Contact them at if you would like to participate.

The Easy Up: After the Shire’s existing Easy Up met an untimely death (i.e. tore itself apart in the wind) at Isles Anniversary, Lucius was tasked with researching options for a replacement. All present at the meeting were in support of buying a new sturdy red Easy Up with pretty removable side panels. Gwen offered to pay for the Easy Up, since she had Amazon Prime and would not have a problem with waiting for the money to be refunded to her by the Exchequer.

The Proposed Trailer: Some folks present at the meeting suggested that Shire money could be used to buy a small trailer that could  bring things to war like the Blob, the fire pit, and whatnot. Lucius agreed to keep an eye out for used trailers that could carry 200-400 pounds of equipment. Upon finding such a trailer, a link would be sent out to the Shire to discuss whether the purchase would be in the best interest of the Shire.

Recruitment Lodovico mentioned that some newbies have been regularly coming to fighter practice. Also, Lucius spoke to a couple guys at the Mercury Lounge who seemed interested in rapier and archery. They were given the link to our website.

A&S: Research Night in November was very successful, and many thanks go out to Jane and Angelo for opening their home to our community. December’s A&S is on December 6th, featuring embroidery instruction by Mora and a Philosophy Night dialogue hosted by Jane and Angelo.

Exchequer: We have money! (And there was much rejoicing.) Bring any receipts from Isles Anniversary to Delphine for reimbursement.

Webwright: When the new weekly calendar 0f events and activities is figured out, Lucius will populate the Shire’s Google calendar. This calendar will be kept up to date so that everyone in the Shire can better know what is happening in the community. Lucius will look into using the Google calendar to send out automatic invitations to events.

Seneschal: At the meeting, the Seneschal was tasked with speaking to the CP about getting the Business Meeting time and location corrected on their calendar. Also, there are oodles of Yules this month, so check out the Kingdom calendar to learn more.


And thus ends the TWII.