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November 2012

This month’s meeting minutes are brought to you by a lull in work and copious amounts of caffeine.

Isles Annivesrary: Isles Anniversary is this Saturday! All the details (including directions, feast menu, and tentative schedule) are up on the Kingdom Calendar . Contact the Autocrat at if you have any interest in volunteering or have questions about the event.

Webwright: The Webwright figured out that he has access to the Shire’s Google calendar. From now on it is his responsibility to populate the Google calendar with events. Please let the Webwright know if anything needs to be added to the Google calendar.

Exchequer: Money is as money was. Nothing has changed since last month.

Minister of Arts & Sciences: The October A&S class was a hit. Baroness Morgana taught a crowded room how to make herbal salves. This month’s A&S is still being organized.

Seneschal: The next event hosted by the Shire will be Filthy Dirthy Collegium. It will be on February 2nd, and Lady Ylaria will be Autocrat. Please get in touch her if you want to teach something. Also, lots of fun events are lined up in the Kingdom this Winter including Yules galore! Check the Kingdom Calendar for more details.

 And thus ends the TWII.