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October 2012

Wars, and Isles Anni, and herbcraft . . . oh my! At this business meeting, a number of folks came to discuss the State of the Shire, including a new member. Read on to learn what we discussed!

Seneschal: Great Western War was fun! Yay! At future wars, people should sign up to bring firewood. Yay! There was been some discussion about turning the Blob into a Turkish coffee bar at future wars. Potrero would be a good chance to test this idea out and see if it works. Lucius has ideas for lighting said Turkish coffee house. There is some money to fund this idea, as well as to fund the creation of a border to go around our camp at wars.

Isles Anniversary: A Rapier Marshal, Heavies Marshal, List Mistress, and Feastocrat have all been secured. Multiple people have offered to make prizes and tokens, and some people have volunteered to help on the day of the event. A location at UCSB has not been confirmed yet, but several options are still on the table. Volunteers are still being sought for this event.

A&S: A second herbcraft class will be taught by Baroness Morgana on October 25th. This class will be appropriate both for people who attended her first herbcraft class, and also for people who were unable to attend the bath salts class. Details to come.

Webwright: Lucius is interested in creating a survey to determine what projects the people of Isles are interested in seeing executed. This survey would also see who would want to help on said execution. Possible projects include the previously mentioned coffee house and borders for camping events. We also discussed whether Isles should get a Google account. The Yahoo group is sending outdated notifications about events, but no one present knew who owns the Yahoo group and can fix this problem. Lucius also is removing the Marshall and Chatelaine as positions on Contact page of the Isles site because no one currently holds these positions.

Exchequer: Talon Crescent War is postponed until next year so that a different site can be found. The event became too popular for the 700 person site. Also, Isles has the same amount of money now that we did last month.

This has been your week in Isles.