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September 2012

This month, we had record attendance at the monthly business meeting! Standing room only (this bit of snark brought to you courtesy of your Seneschal)! Join us  at our new time and location next month, and you too can be imbibing and inquiring about the state of our fair Shire.

And now down to business . . .

Webwright: Lucius updated the contact list for officers of the Shire of the Isles. Mora offered to be the Marshal for rapier.

Seneschal: Recruitment! We should begin recruiting both at UCSB and in the greater community.

On Campus: Sakina is working on a recruitment campaign on campus that would involve tabling during the week or welcome and a demo that would include rapier and armored combat. For tabling, we will need all matter of pretty and shiny things to display , and for garb to be lent out to tablers who would otherwise go naked. Todde suggested that we create a small flier with a calendar of some upcoming events during tabling. All present emphatically agreed that the fliers should be on the table for interested parties only, and absolutely no one ever should ever hand out fliers to passersby ever . . . ever. Angelo suggested that we seed the list for folks who want to give of their email. It was then suggested that we should recruit the day of Fighter Practice so that people would be more likely to attend. Jane, Lodovico, and Delphine all said that they could probably help with tabling in some capacity. Jane then said that she would share her information for recruiting for the SCA. Ideas for the Demo included dancing, more shiny and pretty things, Jane’s A&S knowledge, period food, and rapier and armored combat.

In the community: The idea was proposed to read to children in the library in garb. It would be family friendly, and while the kids are getting read to we can promote the Society to the parents.

A&S Officer: Graham will be teaching period wood working on September 20th at 7pm – details will be announced on the mailing list.

Exchequer: The money situation is the same as last month. We have money! Huzzah!

Isles Anniversary Autocrat: The event will be on November 10th at UCSB. The theme is Shakespeare and the event is entitled ‘All the Known World is a Stage’. There will be rapier and armored combat tournaments, a rousing game of assassins, a feast, and bardic competitions including serious Elizabethan monologues and a fun game that ruthlessly butchers Shakespeare. We got our ad into the CP. Luna is starting to look for volunteers . . . the hunt begins.

And that’s this week (well, I guess last week) in Isles!