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August 2012

Since Moirin has left the Shire, Luna (that’s me) is the new “Chronicler”. Chronicler is in air quotes because to be an official Chronicler you must do more than put out newsletters about the monthly business meetings. Luna (that’s me) doesn’t particularly feel like doing more than that, so for now she’s “Chronicler”, even though she’s quite sure that air quotes aren’t period. So let’s get down to it . . .

Isles Anniversary: Isles Anniversary will be November 10th, and Luna will serve as Autocrat. The theme will be “All the Known World’s a Stage”. There will be rapier and armored combat tournaments, an Assassins game, a feast, a bardic competition, and Butchering Shakespeare, and an amusing game for less serious thespians. Details to come!

New Business Meeting Date:  Starting next month, Shire Business meetings will be held on Mondays from 7:00-7:30pm at Hollister Brewing Company in Goleta. Come quench your thirst and learn about what’s been going on in your fair Shire!

Webwright: Lucius gave Luna access to the TWII Word Press account. He is taking away the permissions to publish new content from past Chroniclers. He will be creating an email address for the autocrat of Isles Anniversary ’13.

Arts & Sciences: Last month’s dance class, taught by Ulysses, was sparsely attended. Luna is still working on finding an A&S activity for the month of September.

Exchequer: According to Delphine, we have the same amount of money now that we did last month. Huzzah!

Senschal: The Tri-Shire Practice was sparsely attended, and no one from Darach or Cargwen came. We should consider creating Facebook events to get an idea of how many people are coming. New ideas for demos are in the works, including reading in garb at the Library to children to garner the interest of their parents. Lodovico also went to the Privy Council and learned the following:

So You Want To Be Court Guard: Her Royal Higness is asking for recommendations to become Court Guard. Please let Lodovico know if you are interested.

Talon-Crescent War: This new war has a location – the Spring Mountain Ranch. This site may not be able to hold everyone who wants to attend, since there has been more interest from outside kingdoms than anticipated.

Facebook: There are all sorts of rules and regulations for pictures of people that are only for official SCA pages. These rules only apply to individual portraits of people. None of this should affect us anyway because our site is not official. Lodovico will look into the requirements for unofficial pages. For now, we need to ask permission first before putting people’s portraits up.

Pay Pal: ACCEPS, the current Corporate credit card meditator, will probably soon be replaced by Pay Pal.

Pentathalon: The A&S competition known as the Pentathalon is getting split into 3 events. The first judging will be tacked on to another event to save on money. The wares wil be displayed at the Festival of the Rose, and the Champion will be revealed at Coronation.