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April 2012

Events: Lodovico put in the date for Filthy Dirty 2012. It will either be the last week in January or one of the first two weeks in February.

Isles Anniversary is 11/10/2012 and may conflict with Calafia’s Anniversary.

We will be hosting CP Prize on 7/20/2013.

Isles Anniversary 2013 will be on 11/16/2013 and may conflict with Navaheim Anniversary.

Social Media: There are new guidelines for Facebook. All branches Facebook pages should be owned by the branch and maintained by a warranted social media steward. We must obtain written consent for pictures posted on the page, and there cannot be any pictures of minors. Event information should not be exclusively on the Facebook page.

The current mods of our Facebook page are Enid and Delphine, and Lodovico will be added soon.

Demo: There will be a demo in the Arbor on Friday 4/13.

Exchequer: We still have money even though we had to give money to kingdom.

Chronicler: Moirin is leaving for UW-Madison in August. She needs a replacement before then.

Arts & Sciences: This months A&S will be breadmaking taught by Graham at Vernon’s house on the 26th. On the 19th Mo will be teaching an embroidery class with a discussion of forming a finishing guild.

In May Countess Albra will be teaching a class on how to attach precious gems to garments.