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January 2012

Exchequer: We still have monies!!!

Chatelaine: OSL says we can have a fighting demo in the Arbor. OSL wants us to have a fire marshal and police officer present. Angelo suggested that we try and get a TV or something to have a video presentation so we can attract passersby when the fighters are tired and resting. A specific date is forthcoming.

Estrella: It’s during spring break this year, which is actually convenient for students. Is anyone going?

Herald: It’s heraldry month!

Arts & Sciences: We discussed implementing a guild system, having fewer A&S’s, and switching the day of the week. We ultimately decided to have one big A&S each month, that was decided upon a month ahead of time and voted for online, not decided by the few people who show up to the business meeting. Todde is bringing the ultimate spreadsheet of A&S topics to the next business meeting. So think about what you can teach and what you want to learn.

Angelo and Jane suggested implementing a philosophy night for the discussion of SCA philosophy. Details to follow.

Todde suggested adding dance practice to fighter practice to increase turnout to dancing nights.

We discussed moving Stitch ‘n Bitch to Tuesdays as that seemed to be a better day for people. Nothing was ultimately decided.
The Shed (horror of horrors): The shed is covered in mouse crap and things the mouse shredded. Come help clean it out on 1/21/12!