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November 2011

Isles Anniversay: Volunteer!!! (or you may be voluntold.) Please contact Delphine about what positions are still needed.

To quote our beloved autocrat Delphine, “for the love of God, volunteer!”

Arts and Sciences

11/10 – Dancing at the CCS room 136

11/17 – Isles Anniversary Prep

11/24 – Thanksgiving

Exchequer  We still have money!! Delphine is almost warranted!!

Chatelaine We have newbies! Stay tuned for more recruiting next quarter! For upcoming events see the calendar at

Seneschal Kingdom wants to make a calendar where Kingdom level events and Baronial and Shire Anniversaries have a foxed date with no conflicts. We were offered the 3rd week in October or some time in March or February for Isles Anniversary. Those of us at the business meeting decided that we preferred the 3rd week in October, if those were our choices.

Kingdom also wanted some preliminary information on what events we would want to bid for and it was decided that we like Spring Crown, Rapier Open, and CP Prize.