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October 2011

Arts and Scinces:

Still taking applications for a new A&S officer.

10/20/11 – Introduction to SCA garb by Jane. Location CCS Art Room (r00m 136) – A great way to learn about different styles of garb in the SCA. People are encouraged to bring sample pieces should they desire.

10/27/11 – Calligraphy! Learn how to write your name!


Exchequer: We still have money!!


Webmaster: Questions or suggestions regarding the website should be directed to Lucius.


Quartermaster:  A shed inventory needs to happen at some point. Details to follow.


Marshal: Snorri has been trying to coordinate a Sunday practice with Darach and Carreg Wen. Perhaps someone should talk to Lance who has a heavies practice in Santa Barbara on Sundays.


Chatelaine: Lots of upcoming events. See for details. If you wish to go to an event (Newbies I am talking to you!) feel free to ask the list.

Shasta would like to table in garb at some point in the not too distant future. Needs volunteers to help. There was also talk of staging a fight by San Nic and San Miguel, but it was decided that there should be a marshal present for safety, and we are currently a little short on marshals.


Isles Anniversary: Shasts kindly volunteered to reserve the site with OSL. Volunteers are needed for a variety of tasks. That means you!


Off-campus Recruitment: There was talk of talking to Lance in regards to some sort of falling out regarding something to do with heavies. Way before my time, but it seems to be the polite thing to do before starting a campaign to recruit in the greater SB area.


Shire Glassware: There are some goblets that were a gift to the shire (from Pell?) and other glassware that need a new place to live. I volunteered to give them a home, which reminds me that I need to get them from Delphine.