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TWII June 2011

Arts and Sciences

6/09/2011 – Movie Night. Location TBA.

6/16/2011 – Dancing

6/23/2011 – TBD

6/30/2011 – TBD


Someone needs to coordinate the fall demo.

Charlie graciously offered to be an OSL officer. Another one is needed. There has been discussion of asking Bruce Tiffney to be our faculty adviser, but someone needs to ask him.


We still have monies!

Only received receipts from Kings Hunt from Bay so far. I know that there are more out there.


Make sure your cards are up to date!!!!

Biff is home and recovering. He should make a full recovery.


Rhys will be contacting Potrero land allocators about the land problems Isles experienced.

It seems that there was some drama at Potrero. Some suggested policies to avoid it in the future:

  1. If you don’t live in Isles, fight with Isles, or “date” in Isles the you cannot camp with Isles.

  2. Or a 1 chance policy, i.e. you get one chance to camp with Isles.

French Festival

Sunday July 17, 2011. There will be dancing and stuff. If you are fighting, full armor is required.

You should come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rhys, Jimena, and Serenity all say good-bye as they leave us for the Northern Outpost. Stay tuned to see if Dave’s second name, Richard Studley aka Dick Studley, gets passed, which he plans to use when fencing.