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Monthly Archives: August 2011

August 2011

CP Prize went well. Lots of money acquired for the CP. Arts & Sciences ARTS AND SCIENCES OFFICER NEEDED!!! 8/11/11 – Pouch making. Location TBD 8/18/11 – Dancing. Come! (at the Hermitage?) 8/25/11 – The Shire requests that Todde teach a leather Jack making class. Exchequer Need to learn where to send the CP money. […]

July 2011

The French Festival has been cancelled. Summer fencing practice at Girsh Park, which is located at the corner of Phelps and Pacific Oaks Drive. Usually goes from about 6/6:30 until sundown. Chatelaine CHATELAINE NEEDED!!! We also need someone to coordinate the September demo. Arts & Sciences A&S OFFICER NEEDED 7/14/11 – Possible CNC mill demo […]

TWII June 2011

Arts and Sciences 6/09/2011 – Movie Night. Location TBA. 6/16/2011 – Dancing 6/23/2011 – TBD 6/30/2011 – TBD Chatelaine Someone needs to coordinate the fall demo. Charlie graciously offered to be an OSL officer. Another one is needed. There has been discussion of asking Bruce Tiffney to be our faculty adviser, but someone needs to […]