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TWII, May 2011

Greetings and salutations to the mighty Shire of Isles,

It is with fond memories and heavy fingers that I relinquish my position as the Isles Chronicler. Yes, my friends, it’s been a good run, but even the wildest party of today must fade into the gentle hangover of tomorrow.  It’s been a joy, an honor, occasionally a pain in the ass, and frequently hilarious to sit and TWII with all of you. Thank you for reading and wading through the snark.

Happily, I leave the TWII in the eminently capable hands of Moirin, our soon-to-be-former Exchequer and a longtime Isles resident. Thanks again, Moirin, for volunteering for the position. The money should have come through your PayPal by now.

ORDER: 7:58

Seneschal: As of this meeting, I have nominated, voted for, and accepted my own ten dollar raise. You’re welcome, everyone.


At this point, the Chronicler illustrated to her apprentice that what’s said in the Shire Meeting really doesn’t matter–it’s what’s written down that counts. The Chronicler also got a ten dollar raise. And there were


and Aliens! and Zombies!


Edward the Pink, speaking from afar: We’re missing 4ish ropes for the Blob. Can haz moar?

Us: If you can’t find them, yup! Buy more and the Shire will reimburse you!


Todde: [A bunch of stuff about the Demo last Friday that would be applicable if the soon-to-be-ex-Chronicler had gotten her game together enough to actually post the TWII on Friday or, God protect us, Thursday night ahahahahahaha aren’t you all going to be glad to be rid of me]


Exchequer: We have money!

Us: Yaaaaaay!


Arts and Sciences:

  • May 12th:     Intro to Shoes at Todde and Mora’s house, 7:30
  • May 19th:     Persona Research and Development, as taught by Jimena, at the UCen, at 7:30
  • May 26th:     Potrero! No A&S! Everyone enjoy war! (Ulysses, please cancel the room)
  • May 31st:      Introduction to ropework and period execution techniques, Professor Plum, in the Parlor, at 7:30

At this point, it was mentioned that more people might come to the Shire Meeting if there was dancing afterward. The Shire Meeting attendants were skeptical–what does the rest of the Shire think?


Heraldry: Given that the Herald is working from 5 PM to 3 AM, it is probably not Heraldry month.


Marshal: The first round of white cards are going to be expiring this year (can you believe it’s been four years already?). Check your cards and, if necessary, make arrangements with a marshal to have them redone before they expire. If your card expires before you have a new one issued, you’ll have to reauthorize completely in everything.

Other than that, make sure your gear is in good working order before Potrero War, allocate for land, and, heavies fighters, if you have loaner armor, please let Lance/Wilhelm Caius know!


Chatelaine: Darach/Altavia Equestrian is coming up, along with Nordwache, Mons Draconis, Potrero, and Coronation/QC (at Live Oak Camp). For more information on any of those events, see

The Chatelaine is also still in need of a deputy, like realsies fr srs! She will be gone by June 15th!

The Shire will also need to sign up again as a UCSB club, including student representatives and a faculty advisor.

July 16-17th, the French Festival is coming up again. It doesn’t sound like anyone’s terribly interested, however.


Webmaster: The Webmaster wants personal and contact info for officers for the website.

Also, we discussed giving Lucius event information and having him make pages on the Website as sort of master versions of pages that could be linked out or copied as a Facebook event. Facebook is, once again, “improving” how it does things by completely changing the group structure, so the much-loved and heavily-trafficked Isles Facebook page is about to become obsolete. Thanks a lot, Zuckerberg.


Quartermaster: Luna is the new QM deputy! Yay!

If you’re going to Potrero and have space in your car to take some Shire gear, email Menault. If you think of anything that should be taken to war, email Menault. Remember: if nobody asks for something to come to war, or nobody volunteers to take it, it won’t come, and you can’t complain!


Potrero War: We have 31 land allocations! Ylaria is the new deputy campmaster. When you allocate, if you think some of the Shire doesn’t know who you are, email the campmaster and ID yourself or we’re all going to think you’re a creepy stalker who likes to hang out with college kids (and really, who could blame you? …But that’s not the point).


CP Prize: Saturday, July 9th! It’s on the Faculty Club Lawn. Merchants and food sales are OK, but nothing to conflict with UCSB UCen sales (so nothing with a UCSB logo, no pizza, no coffee, etc). There has been discussion of an auction of fighter-produced goods or A&S items to benefit The Crown Prints. If you’d like to contribute, please email Lodovico or Ylaria.


Shed Committee: At the moment, it looks like it would cost $300-500 to replace the current shed or add a new one. The problem is, we’re not sure where we would put it…