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TWII, April 2011

Hi everyone,

I know some folks don’t always read this, but there’s some important information in here. Please give this bad boy a quick read-through, and pay special attention to the Marshal’s notes and the update from the Seneschal’s List at the bottom of the entry. Thanks!

Aaaaaaand we’re back! After a long dry spell, the TWIIblog is up and running again! Many thanks to Menault and Lucius for their tireless efforts to wrangle through bureaucracy and get the Shire’s digital incarnation back on track!

8:03 ORDER

Seneschal: Seneschal list: Recruiting for SCA Grand Council, to discuss stuff that isn’t BOD-related (sounding board). Link is on the list, signups wanted on 30th.

SCA also looking for Laurel Principal Sovereign of Arms, so if you, uh, know anyone…

There’s a discussion of creating a database of different feastocrats, categorized by cuisine specialties, preferred headcount, resume, etc. Anyone have any thoughts?

Wizard World Anaheim Comic Con is offering the Shire a comped table at their con on April 29th, 30th, 1st of May. Resounding “mehs” were heard from all.

CP Prize: Rhieinwen spoke w/ Lodovico at King’s Hunt, looking for info about the event by the 25th of this month so an announcement can go in the CP. Ylaria and Lodovico are co-autocrats. We need a site and can’t necessarily use the Faculty Club Lawn. We definitely need a site that can accommodate merchants and preferably on that can have staking. Carpenteria? Ventura?

Chatelaine: Newbies! Had a great time at King’s Hunt! Yay! Collegium! Bazaar thing in Nordwache, Dun Or Anny, Darach Anny, Robin Hood Tourney, Practicum of the Sword. Want a deputy!


April 14: Dancing in UCen w/ Delphine

April 21: Pattern Drafting by Jane in UCen

April 28: Bardic Roundtable, BYO Bardic Arts by Delphin in UCen

Herald: Ran off to San Diego. It’s not Heraldry Month. Collegium would be a great time to do some heraldry.

Carreg Wen: Coronation feast space filling quickly! Email Ed! Being cooked by Sir Jamal.

There was a brief discussion about whether we should ask Carreg Wen for more money from the feast from King’s Hunt, to which almost everyone said “no.”

Exchequer: We have money! If you need reimbursement from KH, let me know! I have a deputy!

Marshal: Everyone, look at your authorization cards. The first round of four-year white cards are expiring this year. All you have to do to get a new card is ask an appropriate marshal, and if your current card expires before you get a new one, you will have to re-authorize in EVERYTHING. FOR REALSIES. It would be a huge pain in the butt, so be responsible!

Once Rhys leaves, there will be no regional marshal up here. For heavies, the closest authorizing marshal will be in LA. For Darach, the closest authorizing marshal will be (and is) in Darach. The loaner heavies armor will go to Lance.

Webmaster: We have access to the site and blog! Hallelujah! Email if you have any content for the site.

Quartermaster: Not Quartermaster anymore! Now it’s Luna/Cat! To get stuff to Potrero, email her and me so I can start teaching her how to wrangle.

Shed Committee: Oh God help us.

New shed? How much? Contact Dylan to see about shelves!

Lodovico pricing out new shed, should Todde and Mo take it? Will they?

Chronicler: I have a deputy now! It’s the awesome and kick-butt Moirin!

Seneschal List: Someone passed away and they’re trying to find next of kin, but he didn’t put information on any SCA paperwork or online.

This prompted a discussion of whether or not Seneschals and Gate workers should collect emergency contact info from event attendees. By and large, the Shire didn’t seem to think it was necessary (the person in question had left emergency contact lines blank, and we can’t force people to provide information at swordpoint, so forcing attendees to sign another piece of paper which they could choose to leave blank anyway would be both annoying and ineffective).

That being said, we did have a brief talk about personal responsibility and preventative measures. Please consider adding a list of ICE (in case of emergency) info to your standard event/war packing list or your fighter kit. For example, I keep a notebook with my info in my fencing bag–it has both SCA and non-SCA emergency contacts (look for these people, in this camp, in this Kingdom, and/or call these people at these numbers),  as well as medical information. The goal is to provide strangers with enough information to contact my friends or family if something were to happen to me and I wasn’t able to provide that information myself. Please consider doing something similar–hopefully, you’ll never need to use it, but should the situation arise, you’ll be glad you had it. 🙂

Eric rope: We all like Brad’s idea of getting rope on the cheap from Amazon. We need more poles. All new poles! Like, thirty-six. We’re going to investigate who made the cool Isles poles with the castles on top and see if we can get some more of those.