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July 2010

In the most recent Isles business meeting, the 7 people there decided to throw a pizza party for the Kingdom. Also to take up collections from everyone who wasn’t there and use it to buy PONIES! Ponies for EVERYONE!

7:45ish:     ORDER

Chatelaine: No French Festival for us this year.

We have a demo scheduled at UCSB on September 21 or 23. We need someone to get in touch with UCSB and put our info in the Discovery Days handout (Todde? did you volunteer for this?).  We also need to reserve space, probably through DUM DUM DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMB the Office of Student Life.

Other upcoming events: CP Prize, Festival of the Rose, Summer Arts, Lyondemere Anniversary, Darach Pirate Tourney, King Arther’s Ball, and Crown (August, in Angels).

Rapier Commander Elo! Now with stabby-stab action!: Volunteer to be a Lieutenant! Or die!

Shed Committee: We spent $100 on shed stuff! Can we have $40 more?

All 7 of us: Uh, whatever.

SC: Sweet!

A&S: Should we try to find some folks who are qualified to teach Rapier Marshalling 101 and bribe them to come up here on a Thursday?

July 8: Drinks with Dawn at Chili’s to celebrate! Meet there at 7:30, and for the love of God, bring a couple bucks so we can get her hammered!

July 15: SCA-themed period-y kind of movies at Graham’s.

July 22: Glass bead making at the Mrowse. You might want to bring a pair of leather gloves to handle the hot glass with.

July 29: Promissory painting at the Mrowse, supplied and supervised by Juanica.

Us, wanting to speak for the Exchequer: We have money! Presumably!

In a monetary, but also rapier-related note, we’re sending Fugly’s failed blade back to Zen Warrior. They’ll either replace it or fix it, and we might end up owing them some money.

General Banter (supported by Major Acquisition and Private Part): We need to re-up our club status this year with UCSB. Annabelle, go!

Rapier Thoughts:

Edit: The section below will also be posted to the isles-rapier list.

The results of the polls and voting about the status of rapier practice have been tallied and are below:

Wednesday practices will remain unofficial.

If you’re authorized and don’t have passing armor, and we’re coming up on a major event (Estrella, GWW, etc.), you should be able to explain how exactly your armor does not pass. This is to encourage at least a little self-awareness (not to mention personal responsibility), which is especially important before getting armor checked by other Marshals than our usual faces.

We didn’t exactly decide who would be doing this inspection–Menault? Anyone?

Many of us voted for an additional practice (Sundays), but a comparable number voted for more field trips to neighboring practices (Darach on Sun, or Carreg Wen if they get a regular practice going, or even Altavia on Mondays). Would the fencers prefer an additional official practice in Isles, to carpool down to another practice once or twice a month, or both? Discuss.

We almost unanimously liked the idea of having tournaments at practice–now we just need details! I assume they’d be unofficial unless we wanted to designate a once-a-month or once-a-quarter Official Isles Tournament (which would require marshals and armor, and an eric if we wanted it to be SCA-Official, I think). Who would host them? What would the prizes be? What time and place? Discuss!

Finally, Orraca (Myrtle) has nobly volunteered to head up Operation More Loaner Fencing Gear, and has been granted a (not really) blank check to get fabric. Which is to say we might end up reimbursing her something like $100 or so. Given the Shire’s money situation right now (pizza-party and pony worthy), not a big deal. She’ll be concentrating on Hilfiger-style garments (or evolved Persian coats), for ease of fit and universal use (that’s also what we all voted for). Eventually, she’ll need help.

Concerned about the amount of fabric we’ll get for our money? Well, consider…

“It’s just rapier armor, it doesn’t need to be made of mithril.” –Graeme

“Mithril would be shit-awesome!” –Juanica

Thanks for slogging through this bad boy, boys and girls! <3