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June, 2010

What’s that? Up in the sky? It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… a special guest TWII by the lovely and talented Juanica, QUEEN OF ALL SHE SURVEYS!

The official Chronicler (ahem, moi) had to stay late at work, shakin’ that money maker. You know how it is. So, after an eleventh-hour plea to the Isles list, Juanica stepped in as a pinch-hitter and scored a touchdown that won the NHL cup and mixed this metaphor even further.

The Isles Bitchness Business Meeting, June 3, 2010

(With guest chronicler, Juanica “Fanfarrona” Montanez)

Call to order: 7:54 pm

Lodovico: *gasp, cough*

Our seneschal is sick L (Bring him soup?)

Lodovico: “Let’s talk about Potrero…”

Apparently there was a chain of thefts at Potrero—report to the event staff if anything of yours is missing.

Lynching parties will assemble promptly at 6am should the culprits be found.

Also, in Potrero related rapier news apparently there was a bit of an issue regarding authorizations— please remember to put on all of your gear before you go to the field. If this is an issue, perhaps consider designating an “arming buddy.”

Having received negative feedback to the Shire regarding this incident, we will be discussing “ways to remind our new fighters that they too should protect all parts of their bodies, including their brains.” This discussion will take place on the rapier list, but for your edification, please view a list of suggestions below.

Lodovico: Official practice?

Us: Hmm. *grumble grumble*

Lodovico: More complete instruction in rapier rules?

Delphine: Good!

Us: Hmm. *grumble grumble*

Menault: One official practice once a month?

Us: *Slightly more favorable grumbling*

Misc. Islesfolk: Official armor night? Newbie armor night? Multiple week, official preauthorization instruction?

Us: *grumble grumble*

Islesfolk: So let’s remember why we don’t have an official practice?

General Consensus: Limited armor and marshals?

Menault: If we call it drilling it’s ok to wear minimal armor–

Delphine: More loaner gear?

Svetlana: *aghast* Is that the issue? Cause we *can* sew. Y’know.

Rikitsa: NO guys, it’s ‘cause we lack marshals. And my girlfriend, y’know, has a life.

Menault: Isles can MIT at official practice.

Svetlana: *thoughtful* Can you marshal of the field at those practice?

Menault: If we do it RIGHT.

Svetlana: Hmm—*cleverly* —This may actually SOLVE that marshal problem…

Lodovico: Shall we have quasi-official mock practice, with armor checks?

Us: Hmm…

Lodovico: And if you’re not legal you have to explain why?

Us: *slightly more approving noises*

Juanica: Hey guys—we’re done, right? ‘Cause I have a half page of notes and…

Us: *grumble grumble* Something about jockstraps.

Juanica: I guess not.

Note to self: We should make a chant about this, y’know? “ARRRR-MORE, ARRR-MORE, give me some morrrrrre!!!” And so on.

Lodovico: Fencing jackets?

Us: *grumble grumble*

We will have further discussion on the rapier list. Next month, we’ll vote about whether to make one practice a month official and doubt speak more about jock straps. Contact Lodovico to have your say if you will not be at next business meeting, at Rusty’s on July 1 at 7pm.

Arts and Sciences!

Delphine: Soooooo there are three Thursdays left in June…

Thurs. June 10

Ulysses will teach dances! Novel!


Thurs. June 17

Svetlana will organize promissory painting remotely! Charming!

*Special note* Kingdom stores are apparently critically low. Lend a hand!

@Graham’s/Old Mrowse

Thurs. June 24

Leah will coordinate a bardic training montage. This round table bard-a-thon will include fireside etiquette, storytelling, and how to get your audience to sit still while you sing at them.

@TBA – possibly Hermitage?

Chatelaine’s Report

Annabelle: Events! They happen throughout the kingdom!

Annabelle gave a detailed description of the upcoming events information about which can be found at in the calendar links on the right.

Of note you should go to Careg Wen Anniversary on June 19 in Lompoc. We <3 Careg Wen! (And any other Shires, Baronies, Kingdoms, etc. whose events I failed to describe in detail)

Annabelle: Liaisons to OSL! We need people who will be students again next year. Someone of this group must be responsible for reserving the UCEN. Nose Goes! *not it*

Jonathan: Huh?

Menault: What?

Annabelle: *If I don’t get enough volunteers I’ll FIND them.* If you’re a student, SPEAK UP.

Further volunteers/victims should please contact Annabelle, who dearly needs your assistance to rid her of this dreadful burden. No really. Share the Load.

Annabelle: French Festival! It’s coming up! Do we want to do both days? July 17 and 18?

Us: *crickets*

Annabelle: Alright, who’s in town?

Graham: Huh?

Dan: What?

Robin: Eh? *suspiciously* Wait…

Annabelle: Darach volunteers. Why don’t you?

Us: Huh?

Annabelle: Annabelle wants you!!!


Eleonora, the herald with the shortest tenure EVAR: It’s Heraldry Month, and I’m leaving. Who wants to be herald.

Svetlana: Oh! Pick Me!

Us: Yay! The herald is dead! Long Live the Herald!

The chain of heraldry continues. <3

General Note: The folks who run A’n’S really, really like it when you show up…

Svetlana: Oh yeah, so I’ve got this box of chronicler stuff…

Robin: Oh! I’ll take that!

Us: Why?

Robin: *at the fourth wall* You’ll have to read on to find out.


Did you know that quartermaster is a HUGE job? Wow. Give Menault a hug when you see her.

Menault: Official new rules after Potrero:

  1. NO bitching and moaning about getting things to war unless you volunteer.

Us: So say we all!

  1. The pop up is not coming unless we are going to use it.
  2. We don’t need to bring the stove or most other gear…
  3. We should bring a list of things we need at war to business meeting to sign up.

Menault: So, back to Potrero. In addition to theft, there was a fire.

Juanica: Wow, I miss all the good wars.

Juanica: So shed committee…

Graham: There will be new floor & shelves will cost the same-ish as dinner at Denny’s.

Us: Yay!

Juanica: *swears under breath* The internet hates me. *Pause while Juanica deletes the inventory, resurrects the inventory, and finally opens it—sort of. *

Juanica: So we need:

–          Bungee cords for blob

–          Clear storage containers for site tokens, kids games, and possibly more.

–          Personal feast gear from the thrift Store- no wood please

–          More lighters

–          Ziplocks

–          Sponges

–          Kettle (lower priority)

–          Bag/box for sign hangers

–          Paper towels

Annabelle: We trust the shed committee, right?

Us: Yes… Here, have a budget ($100) and make the shed work!

Juanica: Sweet Booze!

Us: *glare*

Juanica: I mean “Tupperware.” Yes. “Tupperware.” Oh yeah, we’re auctioning/ giving away the mismatched and mysterious treasures of the Shire that never come out to play. That ok?

Us: YES.

NOTE: If anyone has some of these things (that is a kettle or feast gear in good condition that you’re retiring) we wouldn’t mind if they just appeared for free. Contact Juanica with shed related questions.

In other news: Did you know we have two giant Shire tents in the Shed? As well as lovely fragile feast gear of a royal variety that will henceforth live in Annabelle’s much less scary closet.

*The computer dies and Juanica proves that she really is some kind of sailor.*

Myrtle or Menault: Fugley’s blade needs to be replaced again.

Svetlana: Wait what? Do we beat it with crow bars?

Graham: I’ll look into that…

Myrtle: And I’ll look into fixing it…

NOTE: Anyone have a Zen Warrior blade? Or know a vendor that still carries one?

Stitch and Bitch

Eleonora: It needs a new home!!!

General Consensus: Possibly the hermitage?

Lodovico: Maybe.

Svetlana: Hey, my roommates are finally comfortable with me sewing. Maybe my house!

Us: *Stare* Comfortable with you… sewing???

Svetlana: Yes. Really.

Will the Hermitage host Stitch and Bitch? How long will it take Svetty’s roommates to be comfortable with her crocheting? Tune in next time!


Svetlana: Reporting for Ylaria. Goldkey wants to do a photo catalog of the Loaner Gear.

Us: Ohh!

Svetlana: And repair suff!

Us: Ah!

General Consensus: Stitch and bitch and various others have loaner gear and “loaner gear in training,” Eg: Scrap fabric. Give it to Ylaria.


Lodovico: Zhivana has stepped down. Elo is now in charge of the skirts! Long live the commander!

Us: So say we all!

Isles (Retro) Anniversary October 16

Delphine/Autocrat: The theme is a blast from the past! Finally, a reason to wear the 80s loaner garb…

General Consensus: We must have Ginger Goo balls

Sveltana/feastocrat: Ylaria and I are feastocrating. WE EAT!

Week of Welcome Demo:

Marites is running it

Look out for a survey: What worked to get you interested in the SCA??


1)      We’re trying to get them to come to the demo.

2)      We think we want to put our activities in the Nexus.

3)      We’re feeling rather noncommittal tonight.

Delphine thinks cheese is awesome.

At approximately 9pm the meeting peters to a close.

Post Meeting Resolution:

Shed Committee

Graham picking out floor/ shelves.

Sunday June 20, 1pm is shopping trip.

List and photos of auction items.

Has anyone seen the autocrat box? Email Dawn to say what ought to be in there?

Make signs for the shed/ Map etc

Note: Thanks for you patience and attention. Those who read this far should email Juanica for their free cookie.