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TWII May 2010

Buenos dias, muchachos y muchachas!

Having exhausted her (G-rated) Spanish, the Chronicler forged boldly on, through the mire, the white wasteland of the blog box taunting her with its tiny scrollbar. Would she ever escape? she wondered. Would she die here? Alone? Alone in a swath of unstoppable blank cyber-paper? Was cyber-paper period? Would she be eaten by the polar bear which had been tracking her for the last two days, the slavering thousand-pound beast Nature rendered invisible by placing it in the white text box?

8:03 ORDER

Lodovico, the Seneschal:

Allocate for Potrero. Pre-reg is closed. Wilhelm is landocrat, but can’t go, so he needs a campmaster. Volunteers welcome.

Perhaps we should ask Todde and Mora (or whoever gets to site earliest in an adjacent or friendly campsite) to check our land and make sure it hasn’t been snatched or infringed upon like in years past? If you’re willing to do so, pretty please post on the list. Kthxbai.

Also, a draft of the 2011 (NOT 2010, this year– 2011, NEXT year) schedule has been released. Filthy Dirty Collegium Feb 5, Isles Anny Nov 20, CP Prize July 9. Carreg Wen has Coronation, June 5. King’s Hunt, April 2.

If we’re interested, PolyCon is in [I just tried to spell San Luis Obispo like 15 times, screw it] Tarnmist, June 25-27. Their local SCA group goes, should we? Let’s get in touch with, say ROSIE AND/OR GODRIC who might or might not read this post. Hint hint. (If either of you reads this, will you let us know?Thanks!)

Elo, the Chatelaine:

We have newbies! Here! Yaaaay!

Upcoming events include:

Heatherwyne Anny/Defender of Children


Darach Anny Equestrian/Altavia Anny (May 15)

Wintermist Tourney, Altavia Anny (May 22)

Potrero War (Memorial Day weekend)

Coronation, QC (June 5-6)

As for UCSB room reservations, they follow:

Harbor room on May 13th

State Street room on May 20

No room on May 27

Harbor Room on finals week.

French Fest. July 12. Are we interested? It’s basically a garbed practice with crappy parking, crepes, and escargot. Apparently the same park hosts Italian and Greek festivals, so enterprising souls could look into those if they were so inclined.

Delphine, the Shiny New Arts and Sciences Officer:

I has a list! Let me know what you’re interested in!

Us: *Studies*

May 13th:    Chainmaille with Bay!

May 20:    Eleonora, Heraldry lesson

27:    NO ROOM

Moirin the Exchequer:

We has monies! Yaaaaay! Non-member surcharge raises to $5 this summer! Should the Shire cover the non-member surcharge from Shire, assuming they need a little monetary coverage?

Appearing as suddenly and unpredictably as a unicorn out of a box of corn flakes, but with much more stench and violence, a polar bear erupted out of a nearby text box drift (like a snowdrift, but drier and more likely to give one papercuts). The Chronicler flinched, shying instinctively away from the motion, and in so doing avoided the basketball-sized paw swiping at her head. Throwing herself bodily into a flock of sheep, she hunkered under their camouflaging white bulk and continued to blog.

Not Bebhinn like I typed the first time, but Eleonora, the Herald:

Come to me with name thingies!

It’s Heraldry month!

I’m graduating! I need a new herald!

Rhys,the UberMarshal:


Menault, the Quartermaster:

We need to fix the shed and check out what we need and don’t need in it.

Delphine, Moirin, Juanica, Lodovico, Menault (supervisor) will examine it merrily and report back to the list. All y’all email each other/get together and let us know when’s good for you.

New officers get Menault emails. Plz. [Mine is 🙂 SEE WHAT I DO FOR YOU, MENAULT. SEE HOW I LOVE AND CHERISH YOU.]

Need a new Quartermaster. We’ll need more and new rapier marshals. Also looking for New Skirts’ commander.

Eleonora and Bif, about after-college plans:

“I’ve joined the Episcopal Service Corps.”

“So you, like, hunt vampires, or what?”

Jimenakins, who has no officer title and therefore gets an ADORABLE widdle nickname, yes she does! :

Should we get someone to spearhead demo effort so Chatelaine can handle newbies? Should we have a student liason to submit to dialog with OSL? That person will get COOKIES!

Emerging from her woolly shelter, the Chronicler peered around carefully. While the rancid meat scent of polar bear lingered in the air, there was no sign of the predator. She squinted through the blinding white haze, trying to discern two black button eyes or an adorable cold wet nose, to no avail.

Slowly and carefully, she stood. The hot, dry winds of the blogosphere whipped around her, but they were welcome in comparison to the raking claws of her adversary.

Shouldering her pack, she waded out of the flock of idling sheep and marched on, to the Promised Land.