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Finally! Good Lord! TWII April 2010

My GOD, people! Did you SEE how long it took her to get the TWII up this month? I mean, what’s she DOING down there in Darach? Having a BABY?

…Well, actually…

Aaaaaaaaanyway, a thousand pardons and my most humble apologies for not TWIIing all over the intertubes until just now. 🙁 Real life, as it will, intervened.

Oh, and also! A PSA:

This TWII is brought to you by the Isles Google Calendar! Yes, the Isles Google Calendar compiles everything we have scheduled in the Shire and Kingdom for the foreseeable future! Want to know what the A&S is this week? Trying to remember who’s hosting Stitch n’Bitch? You COULD post to the Isles list and pray for a benevolent soul to answer… OR you could take the initiative and check the Isles Google Calendar!

Check the Isles Google Calendar–and TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR DESTINY!

(Click the Calendar link at

7:50 ORDER

Lodovico, el Seneschal Extraordinaire: They’re looking for teachers for A&S classes for Potrero! Also, Great Western War Land registration is open, so the sooner we get on that, the better. Later tonight we’ll be talking about King’s Hunt–

Enid, as the one and only co-Autocrat for King’s Hunt: *Cue hysterical laugher*

Jeanabelle, Super Chatelaine: We have newbies!

Ubiquitous Us: Yaaaaaaaaaay!

Jeanabelle: Collegium is coming up, as is UCSB’s Spring Insight. For the rest of the month, we’re in the Harbor Room in the UCen.

Todde, Amazing A&S Officer, Obviously:

Monday, April 12th: Glassworking at the Mrowse

Thursday, April 15th: Woodworking at Graeme’s

Nothing else scheduled. We’re running low on class material–Enid will be soliciting the Darach list for more classes.

Adelasia, in her chef hat: Cooking Guild is officially no longer every other Friday night. I’m happy to run it again if people want, but it’s going to be by request only from now on.

Delphine is the new A&S officer! Yaaaaay!

Money-counting Moirin the Exchequer: In July, the non-member surcharge will raise to $5. Also, we made money at Crown!

Ubiquitous Us: Yaaaaaaay!

Bebhinn, the Hateful Herald: I don’t give a rat’s ass if it’s Heraldry month.

Eleonora’s the new Herald! Yaaaaaaaaaaay!

Todde, the Masquerading Marshal (Rhys wasn’t there): We have a period football! Yaaaaaaaaaay!

Zhivana, the Yubiquitous Youth Officer [A/N: See what I did there? WHOO! Priceless.]: I’m, uh, actually not the Youth Officer, and likely won’t have time to get approved before I graduate and move far, far away. Soooo I resign. Down with the Yoof!

That’s all she wrote. Pretty quick and painless, as Business Meetings go. After the epic charge for the hot chocolate, that is.

Sorry again for the delay, chillins. Hopefully I’ll be more prompt next month! Onward and upward!

Love and kisses,


Scribbling madly.