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March 2010

Hi everyone,

This is the first TWII on our brand new TWII blog! Everyone direct your applause and praise to Menault, the awesome Webwright, and send in those Dolphin letters! …Oh, wait.

Today’s TWII will be brought to you with authentic Welshish spelling. Enjoy!

7:74     ORDER

[Author’s Note: I definitely wrote 7:74. No, I don’t know why. I think I meant 7:44, but in the spirit of direct, unfiltered, unedited (except in author’s notes, like this one) TWIIdom, it stands.]

Crwn:      Volunteer! Talk to Todde, Eleonora, or Adelasia. Pie crust and more food tonight @ Todde and Mora’s! If you ever want to do gate, contact Eleonora! We need a Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning privy-checker! Bif is handling food for Privy Council! We need volunteers for Saturday cleanup after feast and overall setup. Pre-reg for feast by emailing Adelasia. Thrown weapons @ Crown. Archery will happen unless it rains!

Sineshyl:      We bid on Spring Crown & CP Prize for 2011.

Shattylyn:     Crown, Calafia and Gyldenholt (13th), Robin Hood in Angels, Black Oak Lodge from the 19th-21st. Email Albra or Wilhelm to pre-reg for BOL. Starkhafn Anny, 2.5 Baronies in Wintermist. Also, it’s never too soon to mention POTRERO WAR, the 27th-31st of May.

[Here ensued some discussion about whether or not Isles wants to move camps to Baronial Row at Potrero. As the unofficial vote-taker, I got 4 or 5 negatives, 1 positive, and 1 negative that pointed out there could be good things about moving anyway, which, in the light of the other negatives, counts as a neutral because it was nicer. Just kidding, it’s still negative. We’re not moving.]

French Festival is also coming up in July, from the 10-11 or 17-18, we can’t remember. Might be fun to do that again too. Escargot! Wenches!

Arwts y Syenses:      I need a deputy!

Dylffyne:      *Succumbs to peer pressure*

Ys:      YAAAAAAY!

March 11:     Dancing, as run by Delphine

March 18:     Period-esque movies and socializing at Graeme’s place (formerly Todde and Mora’s). Annabelle, please cancel the room for this week.

March 25: Spring Break

[A/N: If I feel it’s necessary, I may commandeer this night for King’s Hunt prep. Be ye warned.]

Ycschycr: We have money… for Crown!

Myrssal: Write award letters!

Ys: Is it Heraldry Month?
Hyrld: *Stony silence*
Jymwnna: She’s very antisocial and not talking.

Qyrtrmystwr: Blob and tables are going to Crown. Anyone want anything else?

SPECIAL GUEST Carreg Wenner (yes, that’s Welsh already, thanks. It means “White Mountain.” Just sayin.’), Ijan: Probably archery at Crown! The Lompoc Renaissance Faire is the last weekend in March! We’d love heavies and rapier combat. Email me a list of volunteers at least 1 week before the event.

King’s Hunt: Thanks very much, those of you who have already volunteered for stuff! Please volunteer! [A/N: A volunteer list will be going up on the Isles list sometime later tonight or tomorrow.]

Chattyr: Can we store extra Archery hay bales at Ed’s house? Go to his vigil! Spears, bocce, and hunkerhauser at Crown!

Thus endeth the TWII. Until next month!

It’s Welsh already.