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SCA Isles Business Meeting 8/14/2018

SCA Isles Business Meeting 8/14/2018

Officers: 3

Isles persons total: 7


Officer Reports:

Exchequer: no new income and no expenses

Still have $28 allocated for Blob repair

Exchequer not at next meeting, contact if need check request.

Isles approves $250 for construction of three archery butts/stands. To be stored in Hette’s garage as part of Shire property.

Insurance Rider for Isles Anniversary is $50

Congrats to Lian and The Copper Cauldron Team: Congrats to Cast Iron Chef winners!


Rapier Marshal: Students returning in Fall will begin more practices

Working on getting youth rapier program started, Additional non-related adult necessary. Likely Fall.

Chatelaine:  Club fair at UCSB for the Fall is a great way to get students interested in Shire, volunteers needed


Isles Anniversary Planning:

Caidan Olympics at Isles Anniversary



Friday night lights

Circle of fence?

RSVP for feast


Royal morning court. Opening ceremony!!! Flame

Activities during the day:

Armored combat: blood of heroes?

Archery: best arrow, daytime clout

Thrown Weapons

Games: Historical Olympic Games, Town square games, Lowland games holdovers, Marshal Games (four shires in CAID), Shopping and raffle. Youth games as part

Crown winner with laurels.

Laurel Artistic Games? 

Feast: Eleshiva (Greek feast?), Bard or Isles during feast

Evening Revel


Site fee: Member price $25 for weekend,  $15 per day. We brought in $2K. $make $250 on feast, make $300 for raffle.

Insurance Rider – need $50 from Gwen.

Promissory raffle worked best.

Arts activities: Art salon – come and Art!

Cheering! while arting at the same time!

Fiber play day?

Merchants are a yes!


Traditional tournaments, fighter support minimal.

Breakfast? Yes! Worked well last year. Coffee coffee coffee buzz buzz buzzz


Flyers at great western war!!!

Submit to CP!


Additional Business:

  • Branch Master Brewers guild asks: Do we want to still want to have a branch? Guided tastings instead?
  • Brewers guild next week. We will taste and judge some yummy thingies. 
  • Sept 11th need a tasting volunteer
  • Oct will have Kraut meeting
  • October Shire Business meeting will be moved to week after GWW.

Some Selected Upcoming events: (Please check out SCA CAID Calendar at

  • Camarillo Pirate Tournament – next weekend
  • Sept 8th Angels Anniversary
  • Sept 15th Altavia Crown Tournament – Paul is fighting!
  • Sept 22nd – Caid rapier open
  • Oct 2nd-8th – GWW Pre-reg and land allocation to Aug 31st – no Isles camp. Land allocate.
  • Los Angeles area ton of historical awesomeness going on:
  • Reagan Library: Genghis Kahn,
  • California Science Center: Tut, through Jan 6th “Tut”
  • Getty center: “Egypt beyond the the Nile”
  • LACMA: woodcuts Renaissance Italy
  • Getty: life at Renaissance Court opens Aug 28th
  • Bowers in OC: historical Armor, etc… Opens Sept 2nd




This Week In Isles TWII July 10 2018

Isles Business Meeting 7/10/2018 6:30 at the Mrowse

  • Populace present: Officers: 2, Total: 10
  • Thanks to all that assisted in the Isles Display at 40 Year! A special thanks to Sile, Lian, Gwen, Mora, Todde, Thorbjorn, and all those that helped make this happen. A special thanks to our beloved Ex-Islesians for sharing information, pictures and items for display. Especially cool was getting to see the Isles Baronial Coronet!
  • We recently donated the unwanted, unsellable Shire property a to non-profit recently, Finally!  yay!   
  • Tri-Shire Partnership: Members of Carreg Wen and Darach were present in a tri-shire desire that we coordinate more activities together.
    • Darach is looking for volunteers for Black Oak Lodge, specifically Saturday and sunday breakfast and Saturday lunch. As the event is going to be combined with Festival of the Rose (FoTR), please also volunteer for FoTR, classes, bardic, etc.
    • Carreg Wen is interested in cooks for King’s Hunt at Live Oak Campgrounds in the spring. Let’s help out our fellow Shires by donating some warm bodies 😉
    • If you are interested in Tri-Shire practices for Rapier and/or heavies, contact one of the Shire officers
  • Isles Rapier Marshal warrent paperwork has been submitted: Congrats to Dona Mora our new Officer!
  • Isles Anniversary has a theme! – “Caidan Olympics” Recruit your favorite baronies to compete for you.  Isles Anniversary is Nov 16-18.
    • Is there a member of the Shire that would like to do feast for Isles Anniversary? If so, please contact Don Todde. If not, we have a potential non-shire volunteer. Speak up now if it’s your heart’s desire.
  • GWW: Oct 2-8th Pre-reg and land allocate by Aug 31st.
    • We do not currently have a GWW Isles Camp. Please speak up if you want to have an Isles camp. Contact myself. If we have a few stragglers that aren’t enough to have an Isles Camp, Carreg Wen will host any Isles orphans, but please contact the campmaster via Facebook so that they know who you are!
  • Brewer’s Guild Meeting 7/17 @ 7:30 at the Mrowse: Sauerkraut Making! Come and let’s lacto-ferment some cabbage and make it delicious!
  • See Upcoming Events: SCA-CAID-org

This Week In Isles – Meeting Notes 9/6/2016

Isles Montly meeting

People in attenence: 10

Officer reports:

  • Exchequer: We still have money, corporate info – merchant forms (410-D form and hold it for 4 years)
  • Chatelaine:
    • SB Independent postings has gotten some interest in rapier practices
    • Is there a better place for fencing practice? Somewhere lit at night with easily accessible parking, any ideas? Let Todde know
  • Arts and sciences:
    • GWW class schedule posted today
    • Submit class idea by this sunday
    • Brewers meeting moved to 20th
    • Celtic knot work next tuesday at craft night- Gwen teaching
    • Arts competitions -Altavia Anniversary ”Show your allegiance display” “hester spon competition (Almonds), GWW -assortment of competitions
    • Bring garb or armor to craft night for GWW.
  • Campmaster: 19 paid adults, 5 adults preregistered, 2 kids
    • To discuss-need banner and banner pole – Gwen will bring a variety. Bring portable holes
    • Bring blob? – needs car transport
    • Rope fence? – needs portable holes (Lian can take six),
    • Rough layout – post survey or create survey
    • Facebook Sile with things we have forgotten to mention
    • Todde has white rope
    • Firepit – Norm
    • Communal table and water?
    • Potluck saturday night – discuss on Facebook

Apr 29th – We are hosting – CROWN – Scouting out sites, Send ideas to Paul

Isles Anniversary: we will meet in two weeks Sept 20th at 7PM at craft night

  • Equestrian is happening, we need to get waiver
  • Hette to start pre-registration
  • Hette to post to start getting volunteers for feast
  • Hette to find coffeemaker

Prize for reading this far: I just got Volumes 2-4 of the Traditional Bowyer’s Bible in the mail. I skipped to the chapter discussing the oldest extant bows. The oldest extant bows are the Stellmoor Bows found in Northern Germany dated to approximately 10,000 years ago. The fragments were unfortunately destroyed in WWII and thusly the pieces could not be carbon dated. The oldest existing extant bows are the Homegaard bows from Denmark, dated to as old as approximately 8,000 years ago. The oldest are elm and from the island of Zealand. Here’s a fun website that discusses the bow (use google translate, they mean bow when they say arc).

5-April-2016 – With Meeting Notes



This week in Isles:

8 attendees

Officer Reports:

  • Exchequer-
    • Books to be reviewed by Deputy Exchequer
    • Society wants to have us advertise savings due to being a member  of SCA instead of non member fee
  • Webmaster: has nothing to report
  • Chatelaine:
    • Has been talking to French Festival (unfortunately is during coronation)
    • Working on making newbies want to attend more practices, Fencing practice moved to Girsh park for summer light hours due to easy access and cheap parking
  • Arts and Sciences:
    • Painted notecards supplies, 3rd week of this month as well
    • Interest in doing crafts at fighter practice? Tabled for April
    • May classes
      • Fabric
      • Illumination
    • Seeking workshop teachers – contact Lady Gwen, she also has ideas, or share Collegium Caidis ideas with Shire
    • If you are working on a project, please bring it every once in awhile so we can see what you are doing, share, inspire
  • Campmaster:
    • Looking for someone to serve as campmaster
    • Potrero war, land allocate now! That way Isles gets a camp. Pre-register!
    • Pre-reg is open for GWW, if you register before may 31st you get extra land
  • SCA 50 year in Indiana – Historical Isles info wanted
  • Kings Hunt – Tri-Shire discussion
    • Cooperation is desired
    • More meetings necessary to continue discussion
    • Clean up loaner garb/gear
    • Run our events jointly
    • Facebook group will be set up
  • Isles Anniversary
    • Fia is deputy incoming
    • Send a request
    • Insurance writer from kingdom – get from Delphine
    • If we do equestrian we need additional insurance and get an equestrian steward
      • Duke Patrick (FYI equestrian marshal in Darach)
    • Future idea Queens champion equestrian at Isles Anniversary
    • Theme: Practicum has been requested from many, consider more themes
    • People really liked having the tournaments on Sunday morning
    • Having some fighting friday night was great – need lighting – in great hall
    • Arts and sciences champion idea
    • Having a coherent theme
    • Need to have stuff for people to do that aren’t fighter
    • Carreg wen did most food offsite: Diedrich
    • Invite neighboring shires for volunteers
    • Rewards for volunteers
    • Facebook thread – for Isles Anniversary
    • Get timeline from Paul
  • Propose Make and Mend Tri-Shire – create and repair Loaner garb – address Lian
  • Upcoming events:
  • – Treasure Chest War – Apr 22-24 (Hanford / Nordwache) – Lyondemere Arts & Archery – Apr 23 (Woodley Park)

    – Summergate Anniversary – Apr 23 (Oceanside / Calafia)

    – Barons’ Feast – Apr 24 (Irvine Regional Park / Orange / Gyldenholt) — reserve at

    – Golden Beltane – Apr 29-May 8 (Paicines / West)

    – Wintermist Anniversary – Apr 30 (Bakersfield / Wintermist)

    – Mon Draconis Anniversary – May 1 (Jurupa Valley / Dreiburgen)

    – Darach Anniversary – May 7 (Conejo Creek Equestrian Park / Thousand Oaks / Darach)

    – Golden Beltane weekend 2

    – Altavia Anniversary – May 14 (Veteran’s Park / Sylmar / Altavia)

    – Crown Tournament – May 20-22 (Victorville / Al-Sahid)

    – Potrero War – May 26-30 (Potrero / Calafia)

    Additional information about these events can be found on their entries on the Kingdom Calendar ( ) or in the Facebook event listing ( ).

1-February-2016 – with Shire Meeting Notes

Officer reports:

  • Exchequer: We have lots of $$, bring receipts from Bardic Collegium to Lodovico. Final tally profit: $714.15 isles anniversary.
  • Chatelain: Paperwork imminent for deputy. Microdemo – 3 interested parties. Farmers market as a venue. Maybe we should try to get the singing group into SCA and we should go to theirs.
  • Quartermaster:
  • Webmaster: Nothing to report, let him know if changes need to be made on to him
  • Arts and Sciences:
    • Workshop for German Clothing-Feb 27th – if interested let Gwen know.
    • Isles Pentathalon
    • Collegium Caidus– if interested in teaching
    • Getty – tapestries/manuscript – email Gwen if interested – FB event if interested.
    • Bowers Museum – “The Red That Colored the World”
    • Basket of Largesse for Coronation-make stuff
    • Send requests for classes/field trips let Gwen know
    • Anytime you take an interesting class – let the shire know and share.

Bardic Collegium Executive Sumamry:

  • 45 attendees
  • 11 non-members
  • Approx $200 profit
  • Ideas: Alternating Bardic/Filthy Dirty, Themed Collegiums

Paul’s Challenge – You have until April

Upcoming events: (

  • Tri-Shire Practice – Feb 6 @ noon (Oak Park)
  • Talon Crescent War – Feb 11-15 (N. Las Vegas / Starkhafn)  — Also Festival of the Rose
  • Chivalry Tourney – Feb 20 (Kingsburg / Nordwache)
  • St. Isadore Anniversary – Feb 20 (Santee / Calafia)
  • German Garb Workshop – Feb 27 [tentative] (Isles) – Location – Hette’s house
  • 3.5 Baronies – Feb 27 (Bakersfield / Wintermist)
  • Calafia/Gyldenholt Friendship Tourney – Mar 5 (Valley Center / Calafia)
  • Court of Love – Mar 5 (Grover Beach / Borderwinds-West)
  • Black Oak Lodge – Mar 11-13 (Pacific Palisaides / Darach) — Pre-reg by this weekend for a discount!
  • March Melee – Mar 12 (Ridgecrest / Naevehjem)
  • Cast Iron Chef – Mar 13 (??? / Lyondemere)
  • Collegium Caidis – Mar 19-20 (La Mirada / Angels/Gyldenholt)
  • Al-Sahid Anniversary – Mar 26 (??? / Al-Sahid)
  • Brewing Judging: Concepts & Beer Core Classes – Mar 27 (Paul & Gwen’s)
  • King’s Hunt – Apr 1-3 (Sage Hill Campground / Carreg Wen)


The Shire has a Facebook Group, for those who are so inclined to discuss things there.

Interested in unofficial but helpful Isles announcements and a bit of snark? Follow the Red Tower on Twitter: @SingTheRedTower.

Your reward for reading all the way to the end is that I actually posted this, yay!